Must-See: Jeremy Irvine In His Underwear!

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Jeremy Irvine (the yummy young Brit who shot to fame in War Horse) is in the new thriller Beyond the Reach with Michael Douglas. In it, Douglas plays a rich guy who hires desert local (Jeremy) to lead him on a hunting expedition. But when Douglas shoots the wrong target, ... See the Rest

Iwan Rheon Hints at Some HotHot Ramsay Bolton Nudity on Game of Thrones

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Ramsey Bolton is a vile, abusive monster, of course. He's about as sexy as a prolapsed dragon's anus. His portrayer, Iwan Rheon, is, however, arguably the hottest actor on the Game of Thrones (Kit Harington lovers step to the right). Today, Iwan did a Twitter Q&A and hinted ... See the Rest

Nick Jonas Shocker: HE PEES!

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A Nick Jonas superfan took a picture of his idol at a public urinal earlier this month, which is incredibly tacky and ultra-invasive, and yet here I am, posting it and pretty much vibrating with excitement. NICK JONAS IS A REAL PERSON WHO URINATES, OMG! Says the Gaily Grind, who ... See the Rest

The Hottest Hunks of the Day: Tom Hardy, Macaulay Culkin… and Jackie Mason?

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We run the gamut here on the WOW Report. Hunks of every stripe. Young, old, pint-sized, burly – we've got all your favorite dreamboats – from a beardy Tom Hardy to preternaturally pretty Harry Styles to suddenly sexy octogenarian Jackie Mason AND MORE... why, it's almost TOO MUCH ... See the Rest

Help Aydian Dowling Become the First Trans Man on the Cover of Men’s Health!

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Hunky Oregon artist, entrepreneur, and fitness pro Aydian Dowling NEEDS YOUR HELP! Aydian is gunning to be the first trans man on the cover of Men's Health, competing in the magazine's Ultimate Guy Search, which scores the winner a much-coveted cover. The magazine says their ... See the Rest

Must-Watch: Perfume Genius Performs “Queen” at Coachella 2015

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Now, personally I would rather you stick oyster forks up my bum than spend an hour at Coachella, but that's just me. Watching Perfume Genius aka Matt Hadreas, however, might be the one thing that could get me there. Here he is gyrating onstage in fishnets, red lipstick, and a ... See the Rest

The Horror: Watch the Evolution of Prince William’s Looks

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I'm warning you: this is a hard one to take. Our golden prince. Our bonnie young bae. Brought down by the scourge of baldness. Prince William had such promise in the early years of the century. From 2000-2002 there was no finer royal. From 2003-2005, there was still hope. Then ... See the Rest

Who Are Our Hottest Hunks of the Day?

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Hang on to wigs, kids. We've got a cavalcade of cuties today that you DON'T want to miss. We've got Kit Harington, we've got Ryan Gosling, we've got Scott Eastwood... and the list goes on and on. I guarantee you're going to swoon! YES, YOU WILL. Check 'em out after the jump! ... See the Rest