Did Aussie Heartthrob Brenton Thwaites Just Come Out as Bisexual?

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Incredibly looooong and boring interview with Aussie hunk Brenton Thwaites (star of Occulus, The Giver, and Maleficent) about absolutely nothing, just a lot of nattering on about preparing for roles BLAH BLAH BLAH – I can't even tell you why I watched as long as I did. Then, in the very last seconds, the interviewer asks him what he looks for in a ... See the Rest

Shirtless Charlie Hunnam Bales Some Hay

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Entertainment Tonight breathlessly documents a day on the farm with Sons of Anarchy hunk Charlie Hunnam. As he removes his shirt and hunkers down to work, ET host Nancy O'Dell practically brings herself to climax, gushing: "Makin' us swoon by playin' the cowboy of our dreams... Hookin' us with that ripped, rugged bod as he moves those bales of ... See the Rest

Guy on Molly Stole Ambulance, Masturbated at Police, then Punched Them in the Face


Dude. I want to party with you. Cutie-patootie Colorado State University student Stefan Sortland is accused of stealing an ambulance and attacking deputies after taking molly and cocaine at a Halloween concert. Read the whole bizarre tale after the jump. ... See the Rest

SQUEEEEEAL! Alex Minsky Models Gymwear in GQ

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Marine-turned-one-legged-supermodel-turned-gay-icon-turned-nude-leaks-survivor Alex Minsky poses for the November issue of GQ. Check out the yummy pics and choice tidbits from the interview after the jump.  ... See the Rest

The Most Important GIFs from Last Night’s American Horror Story: Freak Show


Finn Wittrock and Matthew Bomer, man. It was all about the psycho killer and the hustler hottie last night, in their (oddly bulge-free) tightie whiteys. Check out the super-fab GIFs from last night's episode after the jump. ... See the Rest

America’s Next Hot Mugshot

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Green-eyed honey Sean Korey, 29,of Santa Cruz, California, attacked a Halloween partygoer dressed as a Fox News Anchor with a tennis racket, shouting "I hate FOX News!" – becoming America's hottest jailbird since Jeremy Meeks (remember him?). According to Yahoo News: Sean Kory, a 29-year-old from Santa Cruz, was at the city's annual Halloween ... See the Rest

Step Aside, Brendan Jordan: Bobby Banas Is the Best Scene-Stealing Boy Dancer of All Time

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You'll see what I mean. On this old episode of The Judy Garland Show, lead dancer Bobby Banas (who first shot to fame as Joyboy in West Side Story) just LETS LOOSE while dancing to "The Nitty Gritty." His exuberant little dance is one for the ages. He's still around, too. And on Facebook! (via Billy Beyond) ... Watch Now

Can We TALK About That Gay Sex Scene on Last Night’s How to Get Away With Murder?


Gasping! Heaving! Wheezing! I was FLOPPING ON THE FLOOR during last night's How to Get Away with Murder! Connor Walsh, HTGAWM's predatory and highly amoral intern, once again showed he would do ANYTHING to get the goods for Annalise. And by anything, I mean EAT ASS. Yes, Connor's already established analingus prowess was a MAJOR plot point. Connor ... See the Rest