EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Macaulay Culkin’s Red-Streaked Man-Bun!

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Lots of pictures emerged this week of cutie-patootie Party Monster star Macaulay Culkin on the streets of Manhattan wearing chic-as-shit Jackie O sunglasses, a rumpled grampa sweater, and an "I Heart Pea Soup" button (see here, here, and here). None of them, however, included these side shots which reveal a heretofore unseen red-streaked man-bun. ... See the Rest

Um, the New Archie Is Totally Bangable

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For the first time in 75 years, Archie Comics is rebooting their franchise and reintroducing their ginger hero to a new generation.  Archie #1 resets Riverdale in the 21st century and features a disturbingly yummy Archie. You know you're thinking it, too. ... See the Rest

Charlie Hunnam Looks Humpy in the First Pic from Guy Ritchie’s Upcoming King Arthur Movie

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Guy Ritchie tweeted the first photo of himself and Hunnam from the Knights of the Round Table set in the U.K. According to the official synopsis, it's a "surprisingly gritty take on the classic tales." Hmmm. I'm kind of giving that the side-eye, but whatever. Charlie Hunnam! Guy Ritchie! Period costumes! I'm still totally down. Here's what IMDB has ... See the Rest

So…. Ashley Parker Angel Is Looking Fit These Days

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Former O-Town heartthrob Ashley Parker Angel – SO BIG in the early aughts, my GOD – seems to be in peak physical condition these days, and he wants his Instagram fans to know it. Scroll through his feed and you'll see nothing but nothing but rippling muscles, bulging panties, barely concealed pubes, and miles upon miles of tanned manflesh. It's UH. ... See the Rest

NSFW-ish: Amazing Bruce Weber Pics of 50 Shades’ Star Jamie Dornan from 2003

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Recently resurfaced pics of 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan from his sun-dappled youth after the jump – AND YOU'RE GOING TO FALL OVER IN A DEAD FAINT, he's THAT attractive. These vaguely erotic, semi-nude pics from the 2003 Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue, shot by Bruce Weber, show just how much he's changed over the past decade. And yes, ... See the Rest

Let’s Objectify Taron Egerton in Pics, GIFs, and Screen Grabs!


There's a yummy new British star in the firmament to ogle! His name is Taron Egerton and he stars in Kingsman: The Secret Service which opens today (also starring Colin Firth and Michael Caine). It's about a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined-but-promising street kid into its training program at the moment it faces a major ... See the Rest

It’s Art! It’s a Guy with a HUGE PACKAGE! It’s Ukrainian Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Dancing to “Take Me to Church”!

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I know you probably want to stab your ear holes with a sharp stick every time you hear "Take Me to Church" – is it me or do songs just get played WAY MORE than they used to? – but trust me, this is really something to behold. David LaChapelle filmed humpy Ukrainian ballet superstar Sergei Polunin as he goes through "a torturous flurry of writhing ... See the Rest

#GoodLooksInBooks: Let’s Appreciate Some “Hot Dudes Reading”

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The Instagram "Hot Dudes Reading" is less than 2 weeks old, but it already has over 115,000 followers. Curious what it's about? It's not complicated. (like I'm SURE the sexy guys immersed in in text are) It's anonymous creators explained to the Huffington Post: "We've always chatted about constantly falling in love on our subway commutes and ... See the Rest