#HotDebateGuy: Internet Explodes Over Humpy Audience Member at GOP Debate and Now We Know Who He Is

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Blah blah blah Trump something something... Carly Fioriono yeah yeah... Jeb zzzzzzz... BUT HOLY MOLEY, did you SEE the yummy piece of eye candy sitting behind Jake Tapert?! WOW! ... See the Rest

Say It Isn’t So! Hunky ABC Anchorman David Muir is Apparently “a MONSTER”

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Page Six is reporting that the great love of my life, David Muir, has been lashing out at co-workers and generally behaving like a beast because his show, ... See the Rest

#Yum: Charlie Hunnam Poses Shirtless in Edgy New V Man Cover Shoot

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Charlie Hunnam is breathtakingly gorgeous on the cover of the new issue of V Man, appearing in a series of sexy man-skirts, with a red cross ... See the Rest

#PupCulture: More Hot Dudes with Dogs

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Yes, we've featured the Instagram Hot Dudes With Dogs before. Their motto is; ... See the Rest

Boyd Holbrook Looks Good In Terribly Pretentious Dior Homme Commercial

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It's 2015. Alllllllmost 2016. Isn't it about time somebody reinvented the perfume commercial? I mean REALLY. The same freakin' tropes and clichés for 40 years. Black & white photography... a voiceover speaking in French... walking through empty city streets.... a room without ... See the Rest

SNL Hires Super-Cute New Castmember, Jon Rudnitsky

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Because hiring cutie-patootie Pete Davidson last year was an absolute stroke of genius, Saturday Night Live has hired another adorable young ... See the Rest

Robb Stark Doesn’t Think He’s Very Handsome

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See the Rest

Watch Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan in the James Dean Biopic “Life” – Cool or Nah?

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Dane DeHaan is up-and-coming young actor James Dean. Robert Pattinson is the Life ... See the Rest