Nick Jonas Man-Flesh On Display in Erotic Screen Grabs and GIFs from “Careful What You Wish For”

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Hothothot screen grabs and GIFs from the thriller Be Careful What You Wish For in which our Darling Nicky plays a man who begins an affair with the young wife of an investment banker living next door. When the husband dies under mysterious circumstances, everyone is a potential ... See the Rest

Azealia Banks Wants to F*ck the President

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I mean, I assume we all do – he's soooooo dreamy – but one probably shouldn't proclaim one's desires in national magazines. It seems slightly... disrespectful. But Azealia being Azealia, that's just what she said in this week's Billboard cover story. “He’s so fine,” she told the ... See the Rest

Good News, Everybody: There’s a Fraggle Rock Movie Coming… AND IT STARS JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT!


Two of my favorite things IN LIIIIIIIIFE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Fraggle Rock are reportedly coming together for a movie. Yes! THERE IS A GOD! Variety reports that my future husband is currently working with Lisa Henson, daughter of the late Jim Henson, to produce AND STAR IN a ... See the Rest

17 More #HotTeachers (and Three Really #HotDoctors)

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As we reported earlier, the internet melted this morning when someone posted a picture of an incredibly hot math teacher who dabbled as male supermodel in his spare time. That sent me off on an Instagram search to find OTHER hot teachers, because there's nothing sexier than ... See the Rest

SQUEEEEEEAL: The Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is Here!


"As the world fell," intones humpy Tom Hardy in the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer, "each of us in our own way was broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy: Me... or everyone else." CHILLS. Prepare to FREAK THE F OUT. The f/x... the makeup... the post-apocalyptic ... See the Rest

Gay Country Star Steve Grand Stands Up for Transgender Rights

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Openly gay country music star Steve Grand – who catapulted to fame with the video for his buzzy 2013 track “All-American Boy” – talked to the Daily Beast about the need for gay people to offer support to the transgender community. Says Grand: "...we can’t forget about the T ... See the Rest

Russell Tovey on Filming Sex Scenes with Straight Guys: “I’ll Only Touch Their Balls If It Says So In the Script”

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Russell Tovey, the hunky star of HBO's Looking, told Heat magazine he finds it easier shooting same-sex love scenes with another gay man, where there is less responsibility to "look after them." "It's easier doing those scenes with another gay man than it is a straight man," ... See the Rest

Male Beauty Standards Around the World: What Make You Hot Where

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What makes men attractive around the world? According to this video The most popular look in America is "bearded, masculine, and white." In Brazil, "Germanic features" with tan skin is considered ideal According to the census, South Africa is 79.6% black African and only ... See the Rest