Ben Mckenzie Is GREAT in Bed, Says Ben McKenzie

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Gotham's Ben Mckenzie spoke to Elle magazine about his awkward early years, how fame prevents him from joining Tinder, and what his exes would all agree upon ("He's great in bed"). Check out some of the choice bits after the jump. From Were you really that awkward? I wasn't awkward so much as quiet. I tried to milk the quiet, ... See the Rest

Twitter Shocker: Ansel Elgort Comes Out… As STRAIGHT!

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He's a fastidious dresser who dances like a dream, why WOULDN'T we think (wish, hope) that he was gay? Well, he's not. Ansel Elgort came out as heterosexual on Twitter last night because he just likes girls, damnit, and wants everybody to know. "Just in case it isn't clear... I like girls. A lot." he wrote. Well, OK then. Case closed. He's HET. And ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

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Well, you're just going to DIE. We have he most fascinating celebrities ON THE PLANET after the jump – from Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to... Melanie Griffith? Sure, why not. It's the WOW Report CELEBRITY ROUNDUP, and you DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! ... See the Rest

Elon Musk: Why Humans MUST Colonize Other Planets

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Billionaire space enthusiast Elon Musk describes his belief in multiplanetary human colonies and how his new space toy, SpaceX, can achieve it. "The dream of a road to Mars is taking shape and it is indeed a beautiful dream," he says. "It's the next step in human evolution." We need more visionaries like him, don't you think? Watch the video after ... Watch Now

Dane DeHaan Stars in the New Imagine Dragons Video “I Bet My Life”

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Dane DeHaanaka Leonardo 2.0 aka THE MOST EXCITING ACTOR OF HIS GENERATION  is sucked into the Roosevelt Dam after a fight with his brother turns terribly wrong in the new Imagine Dragons video. Watch it after the jump. ... Watch Now

Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

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AKA The greatest movie trailer you've ever seen. Seriously. What is this if not a work of shear genius? *We're not speaking in hyperbole here. This movie looks completely mental. "My world is fire and blood." Oh, yeah. Bring on 2015 ASAP. Watch the vid below and we think you'll agree. And if you're still not sure, just remember Tom Hardy's in it. ... See the Rest

The Avengers Sing Christmas Carols (and Groot Sings “Jingle Bells”)

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Avengers Sing Christmas Carols (and Groot Sings "Jingle Bells") - World of Wonder

Avengers ensemble! The heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe join in heart and song to wish you a Merry Christmas. In this one-minute video created by James Covenant, Marvel‘s Avengers team up to sing Christmas carols while Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy belts out his own unique version of “Jingle Bells.” Covenant compiled clips from ... See the Rest

The Park Is Open…

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It's here! Universal Studios surprised everyone today when they released the first official trailer of its most highly-anticipated sequel/spin-off to hit theaters next year, Jurassic World. Guys, it looks SOO GOOD. But will it have dino droppings? That's the real question. Oh, and it also stars the gorgeous and loveable Chris Pratt. 'Nuf ... See the Rest