The Dancing Shark on the Left Is Your Future Husband

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Scott Myrick, ladies and gentleman. The Dancing Shark on the Left from Katy Perry's epic (yeah, I said it: EPIC) Half-Time show last night. He's the most talked about man IN THE WORLD right now. You know you were turned on by his Macarena. And when he waved his fins in the air, you know you SQUEALED. Now, check out these pics from his Instagram and ... See the Rest

The Top 5 Sexiest Royals

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Fairy tale princes! Dashing daddy kings! We've rounded up the top five hunkiest royals for your morning perusal. From the Tumblr-ready Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (right) to the impossibly dreamy heir to throne of Dubai, prepare to swoon. These kings are ROYALLY GORGEOUS. ... See the Rest

Vaguely NSFW: 1009, A Haunting Short Film Starring Chris Abbott

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After cutie Chris Abbott left Girls last year because he "couldn't relate to his character's arc" (*eye roll*)(fuckin' actors, man), he did an off-Broadway play and a few indies before popping up last month in A Most Violent Year. All well and good, and we're all very happy for him I'm sure, but here he is doing what he does best – being shirtless ... See the Rest

#HubbaHubba: James Franco Has Three-Way with Zachary Quinto and Teen Wolf’s Charlie Carver

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Ever the gay provocateur, James Franco posted Instagram pictures from his upcoming movie I Am Michael, featuring him and Zachary Quinto kissing, as well the first look at a three-way sex scene that includes Teen Wolf's Charlie Carver. Um, yeah. I'll pay to see that. Check out the tantalizing pics after the jump. From HuffPo: I Am Michael tells ... See the Rest

Nick Jonas Wearing Clothes!

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Not quite as exciting a headline as "Nick Jonas NOT Wearing Clothes" but we take what we can get. Anyway, these pics of the muscly lug wearing "Spring's best suits" are still pretty hot. The boy can POSE. Check it out after the jump.  ... See the Rest

NSFW: Russell Tovey’s Squishy Little Bum on Looking

jonathan groff russell tovey nude gay looking

He IS a keeper, inn't 'e? With those enormous jug ears and dat fick Essex accent, he's my absolute second-favorite thing about Looking. (Danny F is my first, obvs). And on Sunday night's episode we got an extended view of his YUMMY LITTLE BOTTOM, omg. Check it out after the jump. NSFW! NSFW! (via SuperheroFan) ... See the Rest

VOTE NOW for Your Favorite Calvin Klein Underwear Model OF ALL TIME!

Calvin Klein Models

I'm not going to hate on Justin for posing in his Underoos. He looks good. Head's a little bobbly. And he's doing that super-annoying puppydog face that Kate McKinnon does so well on SNL. But whatever. How does he stack up, though, to the Pantheon of other Calvin Klein underwear models from years gone by? From Marky Mark to Kellan Lutz to Antonio ... See the Rest

Red Carpet Hunks

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Hunks! Hunks! We got your red carpet hunks right here! After the jump, see the SEVEN HOTTEST MEN on God's creation! They're buff, they're dressed to the nines, and and they're PAPPED FOR YOUR PLEASURE. Step right up! Take the BLOG TRIP OF A LIFETIME! See the Red Carpet Hunks of the day! ... See the Rest