Henry Cavill’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Last Ice Bucket Challenge You Ever Need to Watch

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Hooo boy. You better pour some ice water on ME to cool me down after watching Henry Cavill's extra bulgy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He's in full Superman drag here – which is always exciting – as bucket after bucket after bucket of water is poured onto him. And astonishingly his massive bulge never seems to shrink! WHATTAMAN! Watch it after the ... See the Rest

The Internet Has Spoken: The Hottest Guy at the Emmy’s was Cary Joji Fukunaga

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Holycrapholycrapholycrap. How have I never heard of the blessed angel Cary Joji Fukunaga? Like a thunderclap he rose from the audience last night to accept his Best Director win for True Detective and THE WORLD GASPED. That square jaw! The chiseled cheekbones! The nerdy glasses! Those kooky French braids! Yeah.... Cary could get it. I'm starting ... See the Rest

Mallakhamb: Next Level Pole Dancing

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Mallakhamb is traditional Indian sport in which gymnasts (with testicles of steel) pose and perform feats of strength while hanging from a vertical wooden pole or rope. It's some really jawdropping stuff. According to Slate: "With roots in Hindu monkey god mythology, bellicose ancient fighting traditions, and skirmishes with British colonialism, ... Watch Now

Cutest Dad EVER?

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The Holderness Family of North Carolina has made a back-to-school parody of "Baby Got Back" called "Baby Got Class." And while it's completely corny and tooth-rottingly sweet, dear God in heaven, WHAT A DILF that dad is. Like Jon Stewart's hotter little brother. You need to watch it NOW. You will SWOON. ... Watch Now

Sherlock Star Andrew Scott Looooooooooves His Drag Race

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Andrew Scott  – who plays consulting criminal James Moriarty in the BBC One megahit Sherlock – tells Attitude magazine how he loves to unwind by watching RuPaul's Drag Race. "Well let's talk RuPaul's Drag Race. I love a bit of Drag Race. It's so celebratory, it's funny as fuck. I just admire them so much, I think there's something moving about it, ... See the Rest

The Top 7 Hunks of the Day

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What a day! What a list! We've got all your favorite dreamboats – from new Who Peter Capaldi to Vine sensation Shawn Mendes... why, it's almost TOO MUCH HOTNESS to handle! Check out our top seven hunks of the day after the jump. You're going to GAG at the STUDLINESS.  ... See the Rest

To Do, LA: Check Out Ben Medansky’s Ceramic Exhibition at Space 15 Twenty

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Ceramist (and big-time crush) Ben Madansky takes us on a tour of his studio in preparation for his exhibition at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. GRIDSCAPE is a month-long exhibition featuring new work by Ben Medansky and Bradley Duncan. "Objects explore two dichotomies crucial to Southern California’s manipulated terrain: grids created by ... See the Rest

Maze Runner Featurette: Meet the Runners

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Feels like I've been barking about this movie for YEARS, but it's almost here. One more month. To get us all excited, 20th Century Fox has released the new featurette that explores the world of director Wes Ball's The Maze Runner. Watch cuties Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf), Will Poulter (Meet the Millers), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) and ... See the Rest