Russell Tovey on Filming Sex Scenes with Straight Guys: “I’ll Only Touch Their Balls If It Says So In the Script”

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Russell Tovey, the hunky star of HBO's Looking, told Heat magazine he finds it easier shooting same-sex love scenes with another gay man, where there is less responsibility to "look after them." "It's easier doing those scenes with another gay man than it is a straight man," he said. ''When I'm doing a sex scene with an actor who is straight, I ... See the Rest

Male Beauty Standards Around the World: What Make You Hot Where

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What makes men attractive around the world? According to this video The most popular look in America is "bearded, masculine, and white." In Brazil, "Germanic features" with tan skin is considered ideal According to the census, South Africa is 79.6% black African and only 8.9% white... yet over 77% of Men's Health South Africa and GQ South ... See the Rest

Vine Superstar Cameron Dallas Arrested on Felony Vandalism Charges

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Here we go: Looks like Vine sensation Cameron Dallas is already entering the "Mug Shot and Negative Press" phase of his superstardom. Police were called to the scene yesterday after he allegedly painted his Los Angeles apartment, all of the people inside of it, and a good deal of the outside hallway for a six-second Vine. According to Hollywood ... Watch Now

Henry Cavil Discusses His Massive Schlong

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So Henry Cavill gave an interview to ShortList, and was asked whether he wears "budgie smugglers" or "swimming shorts." Now, in order to appreciate his answer, we need a little context: A "budgie smuggler" is British slang for Speedos. Budgies, of course,  being a type of parakeet. So when asked if he wore Budgie smugglers or swimming shorts he ... See the Rest

DJ Calvin Harris Is Undressing for the Camera Again

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The suddenly hunky deejay follows up his Emporio Armani underwear campaign with this raaawther sizzling photo shoot for the The Sunday Times: Style magazine. From Style: Calvin Harris is the world’s richest DJ, so why is he posing in his pants for an ad campaign? In his first interview for four years, he reveals all. When he lived in ... See the Rest

EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Macaulay Culkin’s Red-Streaked Man-Bun!

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Lots of pictures emerged this week of cutie-patootie Party Monster star Macaulay Culkin on the streets of Manhattan wearing chic-as-shit Jackie O sunglasses, a rumpled grampa sweater, and an "I Heart Pea Soup" button (see here, here, and here). None of them, however, included these side shots which reveal a heretofore unseen red-streaked man-bun. ... See the Rest

Um, the New Archie Is Totally Bangable

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For the first time in 75 years, Archie Comics is rebooting their franchise and reintroducing their ginger hero to a new generation.  Archie #1 resets Riverdale in the 21st century and features a disturbingly yummy Archie. You know you're thinking it, too. ... See the Rest

Charlie Hunnam Looks Humpy in the First Pic from Guy Ritchie’s Upcoming King Arthur Movie

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Guy Ritchie tweeted the first photo of himself and Hunnam from the Knights of the Round Table set in the U.K. According to the official synopsis, it's a "surprisingly gritty take on the classic tales." Hmmm. I'm kind of giving that the side-eye, but whatever. Charlie Hunnam! Guy Ritchie! Period costumes! I'm still totally down. Here's what IMDB has ... See the Rest