#InstaStuds: 21 Totally Gratuitous Pics of Hot-As-Hell BFs, Nick & Justin

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It's a slow news day, what can I say? But this sexy Pittsburgh couple, Nick & Justin, are the perfect way to waste some time on Instagram any day. I've done the work for you and selected some of the best pics, but feel free to join the 110,000+ others who follow them here and see ... See the Rest

Watch Out, J-Law: Caitlyn Jenner Has an Even Hotter Bodyguard!

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The ever-more elegant Caitlyn Jenner stepped out for dinner at Tutto Il Giorno in New York wearing a midnight blue Hervé Leger bandage dress and looking like ten million bucks. And yet, as fabulous as she looked, all anyone could talk about on Facebook was her hunky bodyguard who ... See the Rest

Appreciation Post: Susan Sarandon’s Super Cute Dress-Wearing Son Miles

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Susan Sarandon recently spoke to People magazine about her hunky young son, Miles Robbin, who, she says, doesn't always follow strict gender roles. "My son Miles is a musician and a DJ and sometimes when his band performs they all wear dresses, and he has long hair." The ... See the Rest

Ramsay Bolton Reimagined as the Kindest Man in Westeros

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It's out-of-context fun as we reimagine Game of Thrones' bloodthirsty lunatic Ramsay Bolton as a gentle young man, full of the milk of human kindness. So, for a moment, forget all the raping and murdering and torturing, and focus instead upon THE GOOD that's he's done, and that ... See the Rest

Channing Tatum Discusses His Penis, Pooping in a Blizzard, and Getting Lost in Matt Bomer’s Eyes

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I'm just going to say it: I'm not a fan of Channing Tatum, I don't find him attractive, and I have no interest in seeing Magic Mike XXL next weekend. That being said, however, Channing just did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit and it was pretty damned adorable. I may have to rethink ... See the Rest

Vine OTD: Showertime Fun

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What's this? Just a couple of naked boys sliding around the shower floor of their locker room. Yes, you absolutely need to drop everything and watch. And thank you Jesse Jankowski for showing us what REALLY goes on at your school.  ... See the Rest

Channing Tatum and the Magic Mike Crew Take LA Pride

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C'mon, cargo shorts! Channing Tatum and his openly gay co-star Matt Bomer show their support for the LGBT community on a float promoting Magic Mike XXL at Sunday's Pride Parade in LA. See the pics after the jump. ... See the Rest

Yummy Norweigian Pop Star Tooji Comes Out By Having Sex with a Priest in His New Video

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Now, THAT'S how you come out of the closet! Iranian-born Norwegian pop star Touraj Keshtkar, known to his fans as Tooji, let the world know he's gay in a scandalous new music video that features him having sex with a SERIOUSLY HOT priest on an altar in front of his congregation. ... See the Rest