Vintage Snap!

I love this picture of two teenagers making out in the 1950s because you can totally tell that he's See the Rest

Lunchtime: Twin Cook Off

Not "twin cock off." You read it wrong. It's just a video of the Harries twins in a cooking contest. Jack makes a Skittles and fish dinner, because why not, while Finn makes a noodley chicken thing. It's not exactly must-see viewing, but the boys are pleasant to look at, and I'm ... See the Rest


Oh, Zayn. (via Ranga Sauce) ... See the Rest

OMG! The New One Direction Video Is Here

If you're a fan of generic boyband music, goofy hairstyles, and playful lads in vaguely homoerotic situations (and who ISN'T?), have I got a video for you! It's those adorable One Direction boys See the Rest

Austin Butler Shirtless in Last Night’s Switched at Birth

(viaSuperheroFan) ... See the Rest

Kayvon (Now and Then)

httpv:// kid extraordinaire Kayvon Zand just sent me a link to his hot new demo “Crown of Thorns.” I first met Kayvon years ago on the set of RuPaul’s sexploitation flick See the Rest

Retro Trends: The Big DIY Elvis Belt Buckle

WOW fan Michael Esparza sent me these fascinating pics of a small group of rebellious Swiss teens in the '50s rockin' some massive Elvis belt buckles. They were called the Verlaustan (lice-infested ones) and Halbstark (half strong) by the conservative Zurich middle class, ... See the Rest

I Totally Did Not Know That

I never made the connection that my beloved TATE from American Horror Story was Kick-Ass's best friend, Todd! Which is something you'd think I would know. I mean, I totally remembered him as an intern on The Office, and I don't even WATCH The Office. But I think about Kick-Ass, ... See the Rest