What We’re Reading Now

A kind of do-it-yourself primer. ... See the Rest

Flashback 1967: Mike Wallace Reports on “The Homosexuals”

An abbreviated version of the CBS report. That's gay champion Gore Vidal speaking near the end. See the Rest

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Tonight at midnight "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is finally repealed and we can all celebrate how far we've come as a tolerant, open-minded society. Then Wednesday, the new gay character, "Bunker," is introduced in Teen Titans #1 and all that progress gets thrown out the window. A ... See the Rest

1977 Chicago Gay Pride Parade

From the New York Gay Cable Access network, some fascinating footage of an early gay pride parade. Sure, the drag queens have more gown and wig options now, and the floats have bigger budgets, but the players remain the same. Whether it's 1977 or 2010, you know there'll be twinks ... See the Rest

Must-Watch Video of the Day: The Homosexual Menace

A short, smart tutorial on how to spot and avoid the male homosexual. (t/y Ed)  ... See the Rest