#RebelHeart: Madonna’s Instagram “Promage” To Keith Haring

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Like "promage"? It's a combination of promote and homage I made up. Well, Madonna Instagrammed this altered image paying respect to her late pal Keith Haring and simultaneously promoting her upcoming album –her "promage" to him. Keith would have taken it as a compliment. He certainly understood self-promotion and if he were with us, might have ... See the Rest

Paris Makes a Shrine to Daddy


The stunning teenage Paris Jackson tweeted a pic of the shrine to her late daddy that she just constructed over her bed. It took her three hours and said she said, "a whole wall of his pics are the least I could do." Heartbreaking. (via twitter) ... See the Rest

Chord Overstreet and Chris Zylka Both Channel… Faye Dunaway (?) in the Latest Issue of V Man


... See the Rest

Daphne As David by Bryan

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Rockstar-turned-photographer Bryan Adams took these pics of ubiquitous fashionista Daphne Guinness for the January issue of German Vogue. Fabulous, I suppose, but haven't fashion magazines gone to the well of David Bowie for inspiration once too often? ... See the Rest

Inspiration is a funny thing

You never know where it comes from. Take Agyness Deyn at the Giles Spring/Summer 2011 show. No, please take her. Take her away. As much as I worship Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show, I will not be spending thousands to dress like her, thank you very much. (Those days are gone, my friend.) I wonder if Giles even REALIZED that he was channeling ... See the Rest

Two things

Dalí costumes photographed by Horst P. Horst (1939) and a costumed Leigh Bowery photographed by Fergus Greer (1991) ... See the Rest

Film Directors Honored in Bollywood Dance Number

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In the Bollywood comedy Chintu Ji, the lyrics to the elaborate and colorful non sequitur "item number" coming at the end of the film are simply a list of famous international movie directors. Sing along:   Tarantino, Wilder, CapraOzu, Bertolucci, PeckinpahFellin,i Visconti, OshimaCoppola… Coppola Wyler, Hitchcock, ... See the Rest