#HappyWOWlidays: Photos From the Winter World of Wonderland Staff Party!

Last night, WOW's fabulous World of Wonderland staff party took place at our World of Wonder Storefront Gallery! There were tacos, disco lights, a diverse playlist of sickening jams, and a super fun photo booth all set in a winter wonderland ... See the Rest

HoliGay Stocking Stuffers: “The Diva Rules” by Michelle Visage Will Make the Perfect Gift!

Singer, host, RuPaul's Drag Race super-judge, and our squirrel-friend See the Rest

Music Videos from ‘Christmas Queens’! Have You Seen Them All?

Have you guys seen all the videos the queens from RuPaul's Drag Race have released from their fabulous holiday album Christmas ... Watch Now

The Animated History of Valentine’s Day

Impress your lover tomorrow night by telling them the tragic true story of St. Valentine, who lost his life to save couples from the tyranny of the king. Watch the video below, told in chibi animation, of course. ... See the Rest

31 Dogs That Ruined Christmas (& Chanukah Too!) Dog Shaming, Holiday Edition

Is "dog shaming" your thing? Whether they pee under the tree, poop on the menorah or eat Christmas cookies these doofie little doggies will always find a way to make everything about THEM. See the Rest

Island Hunters Marathon TOMORROW MORNING!

A little holiday counter-programming for when you're sick of football and parades and... riot footage. Check out HGTV's Island Hunters marathon and get lost in a tropical paradise of private island hideaways. Its ... See the Rest

Vintage Fourth of July

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Sharon Needles’ HELLiday Horrorscope – Silent Night Deadly Night

Ho Ho Ho! BOO! This week on Sharon Needles' HELLiday Horrorscope, Sharon reviews See the Rest