#GiftIdeas: Are Normal’s Custom Headphones The New… Normal?

What's Normal? James was APPALLED at the new "Dress ... See the Rest

Holiday Gift Idea: Our Moment Perfume by One Direction

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12/12/12 12:12

Fab Fact #1: It's 12:12pm 12/12/12. Fab Fact #2: This means that the Fab.com sale has just 44 hours to go. Fab Fact #3: The end of the world could be just 9 days away. Celebrate all three of these momentous events with this divine ... See the Rest

James St James Is Fab

The legendary James St James is available – for a limited time only – to hang on your wall. This rare look inside the mind and home of James will surely brighten the interior of any palace, home, hut, or hovel. Idris + Tony shot this ... See the Rest

Best Truffles Ever

Let's face it, this time of year makes us want to put naughty things in our mouths. Helen Grace is a California chocolatier who created something called ... See the Rest

Matt Damon’s Least Favorite Holiday Gifts. And a Water Bottle

The delightfully droll actor is stumping for a limited-edition water bottle, all the proceeds from which will go to water.org, a very good org indeed. Meanwhile, we kind of like that nacho dish.  ... See the Rest