#GiftIdeas: Are Normal’s Custom Headphones The New… Normal?

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What's Normal? James was APPALLED at the new "Dress Normal" GAP ads. Last year saw TV's The New Normal come and go in a flash and now we have more "Normal"? I was walking down 18th in Chelsea just the other day and stumbled across a new – store? I wasn't sure WHAT it was. But I ... See the Rest

Holiday Gift Idea: Our Moment Perfume by One Direction


(I love that Harry takes his perfume duties so seriously.) ... See the Rest

12/12/12 12:12


Fab Fact #1: It's 12:12pm 12/12/12. Fab Fact #2: This means that the Fab.com sale has just 44 hours to go. Fab Fact #3: The end of the world could be just 9 days away. Celebrate all three of these momentous events with this divine Greg Gorman print of Tammy Faye holding ... See the Rest

James St James Is Fab

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The legendary James St James is available – for a limited time only – to hang on your wall. This rare look inside the mind and home of James will surely brighten the interior of any palace, home, hut, or hovel. Idris + Tony shot this exclusive picture for our fabulous coffee ... See the Rest

Best Truffles Ever


Let's face it, this time of year makes us want to put naughty things in our mouths. Helen Grace is a California chocolatier who created something called the "ultimate truffle." Girrrrrrrl. It's a creamy milk chocolate truffle topped with vanilla caramel dipped in white chocolate. ... See the Rest

Matt Damon’s Least Favorite Holiday Gifts. And a Water Bottle

The delightfully droll actor is stumping for a limited-edition water bottle, all the proceeds from which will go to water.org, a very good org indeed. Meanwhile, we kind of like that nacho dish.  ... See the Rest