Floral Christmas Trees Are All the Rage this Year

Flowers, not boring old ornaments, are the latest must-have decorations for the chic Christmas tree this year. Flowers must be the last thing that comes to mind ... See the Rest

Perky Little Liza Minnelli Feels SO CHRISTMAS-Y!

A young and slightly manic Liza Minnelli sings "Ding-a-ling, I Feel So Christmas-y!" from the little-seen Dangerous Christmas of Little Red Riding Hood (1965), with score by Julie Styne & Bob Merrill. Her singing partner is Cyril Ritchard – ... Watch Now

‘Tis the Season for Goats Singing Christmas Carols

File under "Christmas Presents You Didn't Know You Needed." Yes, it's an entire Christmas album sung by goats, and your yuletide will never be the same again. “All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat” was created by the Swedish branch of ActionAid, a charitable organization ... Watch Now

12 Days of Giving: AIDs Project LA

AIDS Project LA began in 1982 when a group of four friends attended an emergency meeting to help a panicked community deal with a deadly new disease. They raised ... See the Rest

Zombie Jesus Nativity Scene Infuriates Ohio Townspeople

For the second year in a row Jasen Dixon and his family have set up a ghoulishly festive zombie Nativity scene in their front yard, made in part with pieces from a ... See the Rest

“Jingle Butts” Is Exactly What You Think It Is

In support of Colon Cancer Canada, Toronto-based creative company Zulu Alpha Kilo partnered with world-renowned Spanish percussionist Jorge Perez from the jazz-fusion band PATAX to create a cheeky, holiday-themed video. Yes, it's the Christmastime classic "Jingle Bells" played on ... Watch Now

Awww, How “Touching”: Pornhub’s Christmas Commercial

It's the Christmas commercial that aims to tug on your... heartstrings. Internet porn giants Pornhub's latest Christmas ad shows a family cheerfully exchanging holiday gifts – except for poor Grampa, who sits on the couch looking sad. His grandson notices and gives him the one ... See the Rest

Holiday BumperJam 2014 – A One-Hour Supercut of Weird and Obscure Yuletide Media

Superfun. In fact, I'll go so far as to say it's THE MOST HOLIDAY FUN YOU'LL HAVE ALL DAY. My promise to you. “Holiday BumperJam 2014” is an hour-long supercut of classic, obscure, and bizarre Yuletide media compiled from decades of ... See the Rest