London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch The Final

Michelle V

It's the final, hallelujah!!! Katie bad-tan Price had to be sent out of the house for a medical check because one of her leaky tits was playing up. Zelda said she shouldn't come back and Michelle & Calum thought she didn't deserve to be in the final because she wasn't there from the beginning. The final five had a final drink, toasting each ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Day 29

michelle flower

Michelle took to the diary room to say she's has finally seen Zelda for what she is; a game playing manipulator with no integrity. Why now Visage? Patronising TV man Eamonn Holmes entered the house to host a CBB news debate.  There was a lot of predictable nonsense about people game playing etc ad nauseum. The Vacuum said he'd seen Zelda ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Day 28

michelle werk

Michelle woke a bit miffed because The Vacuum had said she wasn't a representative of the LGBT community. She told the diary room "he said it to cut me as he had nothing to gain. Don't tell me I'm not an ally because I'm not a gay woman". Michelle and Katie bad-tan Price were teasing the weaves attached to the chairs (it probably seemed like a ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Day 27

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, Britain - 01 Feb 2015

Another day, more bloody rows. Sigh. After Cami Knockers swift eviction, housemates started to predict their future. Keith thought that was unfair and that she didn't get her moment of glory. Zelda had a go at Keith trying to "own the moment" and for nominating Cami (but not Kavana who had also nominated her. Then again, he's so far up her arse ... See the Rest

Michelle Visage Is A Finalist For Celebrity Big Brother VOTE NOW!

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Please SHARE this with everyone you know. Our homo gurl #CBBMichelle is a finalist for the winner on Celebrity Big Brother. Get out and VOTE and SHARE the love for Michelle Visage!  Our UK gurl Holestar has brought us update on #VisageWatch everyday here in the WOWReport. Let return the favor to the UK and let Michelle bring home the crown to the ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Day 26

michelle perez

It was 'live bombshell' night with a bumper two hour show. Strewth. The Vacuum was chucking beans at the wall, imagining they were Big Brother producers. Zelda said he was like a kid with ADHD, but that ADHD doesn't exist. Thanks for that Dr Hopkins. Zelda and The Vacuum had another childish tiff where he compared his experience with her with ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Days 24 & 25

michelle gypsy

Saturday's episode was led by Zelda calling Keith a grumpy old twat and The Vacuum arguing with Calum shouting, "I'll shove my huge dick up your ass" of which he's received his third warning for inappropriate behaviour. If a man had said that to a woman, the door wouldn't be able to hit his arse out the house quick enough. I know his endless ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Day 23

Michelle Fab

I write to you today from one of England's smallest cities from my phone. Technology eh? Katie bad-tan Price told Zelda she liked her but stands by everything she said previously and reckons she won't be friends with Michelle once they leave the house. Zelda tried to deflect with usual childish drivel, Katie P replied "Im not going to come down ... See the Rest