Courtney Love Leaves Heart-Breaking Message to Late Husband Kurt Cobain on Her Instagram

Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain

Courtney Love posted this heart-breaking Instagram to her account on Friday. You'll remember Kurt Cobain, Courtney's husband and lead singer of See the Rest

SHE’s BAAACK! Courtney Love “You Know My Name”

Video thumbnail for youtube video SHE's BAAACK! Courtney Love "You Know My Name" - World of Wonder

Just in time for your I'm so edgy and nobody understands me prom season mood, Courtney Love puts out new 90s style riot grrrl-esque double A-side single You Know My Name. While rumors go on and on about her band Hole reforming, and that ... See the Rest

Courtney Love’s New YouTube Vlog!

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  Apparently the Twitterverse was not a big enough platform for the queen of grunge rants. Still ... See the Rest

Courtney Love’s Memoirs to Hit Bookshelves December 15


From gigwise: "The former Hole frontwoman's ... See the Rest

Willam’s Hole: Willam Belli Covers Hole’s Live Through This for Frontiers


(via Frontiers) ... See the Rest

Vision of Love


This ran on MTV News sometime around October 28, 1993, and watching this as an 11-year-old (I FINALLY got cable in my bedroom) was also the exact same moment I fell hard for Ms. Love. Hell, it may be my first memory I have of her ever. In this vintage clip, CLove explains the ... See the Rest

Eh, Courtney Love Did It Better

... See the Rest

Courtney’s Back And She’s Gonna Bring Me Flowers

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While walking back up to the WOW office just now, I thought I heard Courtney Love screaming, and sure enough, IT WAS HER!! I remembered she is See the Rest