Viral: I Work in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Reddit user rahaverfield posted this picture showing an office where everyone wears skinny jeans, plaids, and beanies with the caption "I work in San Francisco." You see potted plants, games, a Whole Foods bag, and even some standing desks (which Fenton really enjoys. His standing desk is even attached to a treadmill. He says "sitting is the new ... See the Rest

2014 Summed Up in 11 Seconds

Video thumbnail for youtube video 2014 Summed Up in 11 Seconds - World of Wonder

Viral video from the post-game riots in San Francisco. The struggle is real, my friends. Watch after the jump. ... See the Rest

“Squares”: Cute Hipster Jonathan Kluth Makes Music in His Car

Video thumbnail for youtube video Jonathan Kluth "Squares": Cute Hipster Makes Music in His Car - World of Wonder

“Squares,” by hipster musician Jonathan Kluth, is composed of musical loops played on an acoustic guitar, a plucked violin and the percussive sounds he makes by banging on the interior of his car. It's pretty impressive stuff. And his man-bun makes me love him even more. The single off his debut album, Ophelia. ... See the Rest


Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 2.15.08 PM

I do love a flowerbeard. It's fragrant, it's colorful, it's a bit of whimsy on hot guy. Flowers are Mother Nature's clubkids, and they make every face a fabulous party. Check out some of my favorite #flowerbeards on Instagram. ... See the Rest

Trending: #hipsterbooks

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Trending on Twitter over the weekend: Take a classic book, and hipsterize it. My favorites after the jump. ... See the Rest

OMGOMGOMG! Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, and Tavi Gevinson Are Broadway Bound in This Is Our Youth!

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 10.57.22 AM

How exciting is this? Michael Cera, wowlebrity-in-law Kieran Culkin, and Rookie magazine editor/teen style guru Tavi Gevinson TOGETHER... ON BROADWAY.... Why, it's a hipster's wet dream! Any ONE of them on Broadway would be a cause for celebration, BUT ALL THREE? ... See the Rest

It’s on a Bike! It’s Wearing Flats! It’s a Super-Hipster!


Atlanta-based artist Elizabeth Beals has re-imagined superheroines from DC Comics as hipster girls. Actually, style-wise they're more like Georgia receptionists than Bushwick chicks, but the idea is fun. Their superpowers might just be a bit lame too, like texting while driving and remembering eight different Starbucks orders without writing them ... See the Rest

What? Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie from Roseanne? Yes!


Seems too ridiculous, even for the tired irony of hipsters. But the proof is here. ... See the Rest