#TrendAlert: Tiny Fedoras for Your Man-Bun!

Pretty sure this is a joke, but it's such a darling idea I think we should all work to make it a reality! Yes, little hipster hats for your little hipster man-buns could be the ... See the Rest

SLINK’s “Pink Christmas” Is the Gayest Christmas Song EVER

Must-Watch! Must-Watch! SLINK is the super-gay trio formed by SSION's Cody Critcheloe, Samantha Urbani from Friends, and Seth Bogart from Hunx and His Punx. Their music ... Watch Now

World Leaders Reimagined as Hipsters

HIPSTORY reimagines the great leaders of modern history – Kennedy, Churchill, Thatcher, Guevara – as Williamsburg hipsters. Although, really, Guevara seems a bit redundant, don't you think? From Bored ... See the Rest

Eating Barnacles Is All the Rage Now

Zagat claims that barnacles, yes, BARNACLES,  are the next obscure ingredient to make it big on the hipster foodie circuit. Feels slightly post-apocalyptic, but  if Zagat says it, who are we to argue? Check out these chefs as they head over to ... Watch Now

Viral: I Work in San Francisco

Reddit user rahaverfield posted this picture showing an office where everyone wears skinny jeans, plaids, and beanies ... See the Rest

2014 Summed Up in 11 Seconds

Viral video from the post-game riots in San Francisco. The struggle is real, my friends. Watch after the jump. ... See the Rest

“Squares”: Cute Hipster Jonathan Kluth Makes Music in His Car

“Squares,” by hipster musician Jonathan Kluth, is composed of musical loops played on an acoustic guitar, a plucked violin and the percussive sounds he makes by banging on the interior of his car. ... See the Rest


I do love a flowerbeard. It's fragrant, it's colorful, it's a bit of whimsy on hot guy. Flowers are Mother Nature's clubkids, and they make every face a fabulous party. Check out some of my favorite #flowerbeards on Instagram. ... See the Rest