A New High School Musical? *Faints*

    OMG. I seriously would plotz. Zac Efron told E! News that they are "thinking about it" and he would "100% jump at the ... See the Rest

High School Musical Sluts

The stars of one of my very fave musicals, High School Musical, have tweeted out a naughty pic of themselves for Christmas. I am seriously coveting Ashley's Chanel penguin sweater, like for ... See the Rest

Flashback 2006: The Birth of Boybangs

Lucas Grabeel tweeted this totally vintage photo of him and Zac Efron on the set of High School Musical, the ... See the Rest

Special birthday shout-out to the cutest boy in the world

Lucas Grabeel – aka Sharpay's brother Ryan in High School Musical aka Young Lex Luthor on Smallville aka Danny in Milk aka Dylan in the I Kissed a ... See the Rest

Lucas Grabeel honored for life’s work

OK, I want to meet Lucas Grabeel as much as the next queen. And I get it: sometimes you gotta flex your power to get a date in this town. If I ran a film festival I would probably honor a lot of hot guys, too, and shower ... See the Rest

Least famous HSM star hopes to change that with new campaign

Yes, Corbin Bleu is working blue in the CW's new Beautiful Life campaign. And there ain't nothing wrong with that. I tell you, I get more excited about this show by the day. (via See the Rest

OMG! Ashley Tisdale really is a grating, cheesy tween star!

This will SERIOUSLY blow your mind: High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is American royalty! Her great-grandfather totally invented the plastic cheese grater! I KNOW! I had no idea! And her ... See the Rest