Better than the Original? The Berkshire Boys Lip Dub “Roar”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Better than the Original? The Berkshire Boys Lip Dub "Roar" - World of Wonder

Shirtless boys in kitten ears sing along to Katy Perry's "Roar," what more could you want? (via towleroad) ... See the Rest

Sad Tweet of the Day


After the news broke that Chris Brown "secretly" attended Rihanna's birthday party, and hearing that he may be lending guest vocals to the upcoming remix for her song "Birthday Cake," one can't help but read this tweet with a sadly sinking heart. (via Jezebel)   ... See the Rest

Bobbi kristina drinks Four Loco, makes out with girl at wild unsupervised party

Um, something about apples and the distance they fall? (via Hello Beautiful) ... See the Rest

The mug shot

The latest, but certainly not the last of Lindsay's mug shots. And by now you know what happened, of course. How Judge Elden Fox denied her bail and remanded her into custody pending her October 22 hearing. How her father moaned "Oh GOD!" when the gavel came down. How Lindsay ... See the Rest

And we all had such high hopes

So Lindsay did coke even though she is not addict and she didn't need the full 90 days of rehab, and right now Dina is spinning it all as the drug test's fault – it was out to get her, it never liked her, it's playing hardball with her – and here we are again, right back where we ... See the Rest

American Idol top 24 leaked!

I usually don't start watching until the final 12, because I don't believe in making fun of people who are being genuine and really trying their best. I'M SERIOUS! I think it's sad and mean-spirited. But solely based on these teeny-tiny, quarter-inch micro-pictures, I can say ... See the Rest