#BornThisDay: Photographer, Herb Ritts

August 13, 1952- Herb Ritts: "I think knowing people by first names, not by what they do sexually, are really what it's about. Not being afraid. Fear is the enemy. I've always ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Make-Up Artist, Way Bandy

  August 9, 1941- Way Bandy made up some of the planet's most beautiful & accomplished women, & by “made up” I don’t mean imagined, although he did do that in a ... See the Rest

#TBT: Fashion Insider Mary Russell’s Chic Photo Flashback With Andy, Jerry Hall, DVF, Karl, Bianca (Jagger, Not Del Rio)…

I met the fab Mary Russell at Vogue, my first New York magazine job as a young designer (21) on her section called Vogue's View. She had a fab office at the other end of the hall and I remember her telling stories about Paris or ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: 5 Photographs By 5 Artists In 5 Days, By Me

Last week, I was nominated by my pal, artist Alan Belcher to post five black and white photos from five different artists in five days. (T/y Alan) I'm not sure how far this exercise ... See the Rest

Picture This: The Selfie Is Nothing New

Not all of these shots are actually selfies. Some are. Others are photographers shot while working by their peers. They are all great pictures, in my book illustrate perfectly Ansel Adams' famous quote; “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the ... See the Rest

RIP The Contact Sheet: Legendary Stars In Mutiples

RIP. The contact sheet is dead. I spent a LOT of time in my life looking at these. As a former Art Director, I got to look at them, good ones, more than most people, I guess – from Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber, Duane Michaels, Irving Penn. But now, with digital photography, they ... See the Rest