Madonna Is Her Best Advertiser

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Madonna is opening more of her gyms; Hard Candy Fitness. Since she's opening them all over the world, except for her home country, she wants them to be successful. Madonna has proven time and time again, no one sells Madonna better than Madonna. Mo posted this pic on her Instagram with the caption, "Today I made like a banana and split! #flexible ... See the Rest

Madonna Always Goes Hard

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Or....she goes home. That has always been Madonna's mantra so why should it be any different when she's teaching a dance/workout class at her new Hard Candy Fitness Center in Toronto? I walked past this when the Battle of the Seasons Tour was in the big TO and just stood there looking at it thinking what it would be like to workout with the queen. ... See the Rest

Gift To Self


So there's an alleged fitness DVD war going on right now between Madonna and her former trainer, who quite honestly wouldn't even be known if it weren't for the queen, Tracey Anderson. Madonna has a new trainer named Nicole Winhoffer and they got together to release a range of fitness DVDs in association with Madonna's gym, Hard Candy Fitness, ... See the Rest

No Sweat, No Candy


Could be a hard candy Christmas gift. ... See the Rest

Madge, What About Us?


Madonna is opening fitness centers around the world called Hard Candy Fitness. She just opened one in Moscow, and she's got centers planned for  Mexico City, Argentina, Brazil, and throughout Europe and Asia, but I don't see mention of the good ol' U S of A. I want to work out and eat hard candy too. Is that selfish of me? (Photo: Pacific Coast ... See the Rest


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... See the Rest

Hard Candy workout is not Madonna’s

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At first I thought this was Madonna's "Hard Candy" workout. It sounds like instrumental Madonna songs in the backgound....kind of.  ... See the Rest