Oldie but Goodie: Halloween Costume Ideas for Your “Faggy Little Boy”

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The Onion's tips on how to "butch up" your effeminate little boy's Halloween costume choice. Included: How to deal with prancers, lispers, and boys with long, effeminate eyelashes. "If you want your child to depict a male-dominated profession, be very careful not to choose one ... See the Rest

Transformations (Halloween Spooktacular): Face Off’s Cig Neutron!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformations (Halloween Spooktacular): Face Off's Cig Neutron! - World of Wonder

Reeeeeeeeally fun episode of Transformations today, with Face Off season seven standout Cig Neutron joining me  in the studio for a creepy Halloween spooktacular makeover. You're going to plotz. He transforms me into a goblin-esque 19th century grave robber, and I've NEVER BEEN ... Watch Now

Fun Halloween Costumes That Use Smart Phones and Tablets to Come to Life


These are so freakin' cool. Via The Laughing Squid: "Former NASA scientist Mark Rober has created a series of 24 simple Halloween costumes for Digital Dudz that use a smartphone and tablet app to come to life. The line includes masks with animated eyes and mouths and a series of ... See the Rest

The 17 Best Pet Costumes of All Time

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It's Halloween! Time to humiliate your pet by forcing them to dress like Princess Jasmine or one of Daenerys' dragons. After the jump are some of the most inspired pet costumes on the 'net. But remember: Different pets are willing to put up with different levels of nonsense from ... See the Rest

9 Totally Tasteless Halloween Ideas

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Because it's never too early to start planning your Halloween outfit, I've come up with a list of nine costumes RIPPED FROM TODAY'S HEADLINES. All totally tasteless, of course, but we're celebrating in the spirit of Joan Rivers this year, who never met a tragedy she couldn't make ... See the Rest

Still Don’t Have a Halloween Costume for Tonight? These Two Spooky Transformations Might Help

Video thumbnail for youtube video Still Don't Have a Halloween Costume for Tonight? These Two Spooky Transformations Might Help - World of Wonder

This first Transformation, featuring RuPaul's Drag Race makeup artist Ish, is incredibly simple and really only requires some cotton balls, tissue paper, spirit gum, and bottle of fake blood to give you a GORGEOUS Freddy Krueger-esque burnt skin effect. It costs under $20 and ... Watch Now

Costume Idea/Hot Look of the Day: Danny Franzese’s Bologna Face from Mean Girls


  For more wowlebrity Halloween costume ideas, go here. ... See the Rest

Transformation Tuesday: Mathu Andersen’s Spooky Skull Makeover

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Better late than never! We had a few technical glitches that needed to be resolved but FINALLY, here is this week's episode of Transformations! It's the last of our Halloween Spooktaculars, with beloved frequent collaborator Mathu Andersen BACK AGAIN to help turn me into a creepy ... Watch Now