#BornThisDay: Filthy Filmmaker, John Waters

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April 22, 1946- John Waters is undoubtedly one of my favorite people on the planet & one of my best reading experiences of the current decade was making my way through his ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Marc Shaiman’s Lost Dreidel Song, Animated

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You know Marc Shaiman, yes? The genius score writer for Hairspray, SMASH, who brought us the music of South ... See the Rest

Girls On Film: What Are The 5 Best Movie Drag Performances?


Listening to "Finally" on my 90s Dance Hit Radio Station on iTunes the other day in my car, I thought to myself, "I'd like to see that drag number from Priscilla Queen of the Desert." When I got home and checked the Wow Report, what was James doing on Transformations but being ... See the Rest

Drag Deconsructed: The “Genderosity” Show in NYC


  NYC-based performer¬†Donald C. Shorter Jr.¬†has been seen twirling all over Broadway, ... See the Rest

Jinkx Monsoon WINS the Crown and Title… of Miss Baltimore Crabs in a New Production of Hairspray


While we won't know until a week from Monday if she wins Drag Race or not, we DO know that the narcoleptic beauty has won the role of Velma Von Tussle in a Seattle concert staging ... See the Rest

No flyaway zone

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Oh how I miss aerosol hairspray. Oh how I miss hair, but that's another post. I miss standing in front of the mirror, as Yves does here, and just letting loose with an ozone-depleting, rain-forest-killing, five minute blast of toxic fumes. I remember it got you high enough to ... See the Rest