Jessica Simpson Gets Bobbed

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  Jess opted this time to take the extensions out and go for a long, blunt, chic bob. Jessica Simpson posted a pic on her Instaglam with the saying, "short hair, don't care". J Lo's long time colorist Rita Hazan did the blonding up of Jess's hair. I am sooo itching to chop mine off, the time is ... See the Rest

Katy Perry Bleached the Brows

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Katy Perry bleached out her brows and the results are fabulous! I LOVE this look on her, though, as you could assume, I hate the pond scum green buns, but only the color, she can keep the hot cross buns. Baby hair pumpin', lip gloss a' shinin'..... ... See the Rest

The 1990s Were A Cruel Time for Hair – See Photos


Hair in the 1990s was gravely mistreated. Since it's Thursday and a little perspective never hurts, see photos of some really, seriously, BAD hair from the 1990s.  Before harkening back to this golden period of innocence, beauty and peace, make sure not to overlook the real violent tragedies of the decade. Crimping, pulling, spraying, bob-cutting, ... See the Rest

Kit Harington Cannot Cut His Hair

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And he says he had no idea he wasn't allowed to. Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones was talking to Kelly and Sheldon Jim Parsons and started talking about his hair and Kit told them that he wanted to cut it and they put a stop to that madness right away..... ... See the Rest

Adam Levine Is Trying Very Hard Again

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So here's the deal: I never got the whole Adam Levine is a sex god thing. Almost every one of my girlfriends think he is the mack daddy of all that is sexy, I do not. Exhibit A. Adam's Zoolander face in his latest selfie showing off his newly bleached coif. I can't. His fiancé however, model Behati Prinsloo is a natural and drop dead gorgey. ... See the Rest

Nicole Richie Takes the Purple Plunge

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 7.28.05 PM

Joining in the lavender hair craze started by.....nope, I'm not saying Kelly Osbourne, I'm saying Dame Edna, is the beautiful Nicole Richie. Nicole Instagrammed her new look and the kids went mental. I think it looks just gorge. ... See the Rest

Britney’s Brunette Again


I didn't see this one comin'! Britney decided to go dark again, and dyed her trademark blonde to a deep chocolate brown. She shared it with her twitter followers while promoting her new scents for Valentine's Day. I'm partial to the blonde on her but she can rock the brunette too. ... See the Rest

Nicki Minaj Shows Her Real Hair

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.21.14 AM

Nicki Minaj wants the trifln' bitches to know that she has her own hair...and it's not permed. Nicki posted this pic on her Instagram with the caption, "no perm, no extension." She could use a trim though...just sayin'. ... See the Rest