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An MTV reporter informs the boys that they only have Action Man in the UK, that boys everywhere didn't grow up with him. Zayn's expression is too cute, omg. ... See the Rest

Tom Daley’s “Ghetto Slut Drop” from the Team Great Britain Dance Clip


You can watch the video of all the British Olympians jamming to "Do Your Thing" below, but really, the only thing you need to see is Tom's tear-away outfit at the 1:53 mark. ... See the Rest

Our Ryan Lochte Is Adorbs, but Have You Seen…


...the sexy, exotic, sensitive, and amazing gymnast from Great Britain, Louis Smith? I know, I know, Michelle, you are such a gay man, but look at him. Eat him up with a spoon. When he cried after his pommel horse? I swooned. (via twitter) ... See the Rest