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OMGOMGOMG: The Extended for The Flash Is Here

Fanboys were wetting themselves last night when the CW aired this extended trailer for the upcoming Flash series. It certainly looks exciting. We got ... See the Rest

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Grant Gustin as The Flash

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We've got our first look at the CW's new Flash costume, and... eeeesh. ... See the Rest

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The Hunks of 2013

Liam Payne, suddenly the hottest boy in One Direction, and the only one worth sqealing over; and British folk/rock cutie Jake Bugg (who would probably ... See the Rest


Nerdgasm: Lightning Strikes Barry Allen on Last Night’s Arrow

And a million squealing fanboys flash-flooded their underoos. You saw it coming, of course. All the elements were in place. Barry, alone in his lab. ... See the Rest


The Takeaway from Last Night’s Arrow

Barry Allen made his debut on last night’s episode of Arrow and brought with him a huuuge ratings boost. The whole show felt reenergized by ... See the Rest

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Colton Haynes Does Hag Drag

"I'm an old lady for this year's party," tweeted the Arrow star, posting a pic of himself in hag drag, complete with a goiter (?) and Depends diapers. ... See the Rest


Literally the Worst Casting News Ever: Grant Gustin Is the Flash

Grant Gustin, who played the hateful homo Sebastian Smythe on Glee, will play Barry Allen/The Flash in three episodes of The CW's Arrow, the last of ... See the Rest

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Damiana with Josh Hutcherson, Grant Gustin, George Kotsiopoulos, Lisa Vanderpump and More on the 2012 GLAAD Awards Red Carpet

httpv:// WOW reporter Damiana Garcia had a ball interviewing the celebs on the 2012 GLAAD Awards red carpet. In ... See the Rest