#BornThisDay: Lily Tomlin

September 1, 1939- Lily Tomlin: “Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs.” I was floating on air for months after my most excellent Seattle friend of 30 years, ... See the Rest

Marie Osmond Is a Little Bit Grandma

Congrats to Marie Osmond as her oldest son Stephen, just had her first grandbaby, a little boy. How sweet it is... ... See the Rest

Miley’s New Ink

I think I should start a weekly "Miley's new ink" post because that's how often she's getting new tattoos. Rihanna needs one too. Miley commissioned Kat ... See the Rest

No One Calls Kris Jenner “Grandma”

You read correctly. Though KJ is a grandmother of three as of now, she does not want to ever be ... See the Rest

Senior Moments: Cute Kid and Adorable Grandma Lip Dub to Tyga’s “Rack City”

A kind of companion piece to yesterday's sit-down dance by Aunt Carol. ... See the Rest

Grandma got da funk

... See the Rest


Looks like Grandma might not be faxing any tweets to Twitter over the holidays after all. ... See the Rest

Fax: Twitter for the Elderly

There's no escaping Grandma now. She can write her messages longhand and fax them to Twitter via a service called Celery. She made a pie. Her feet are cold. The nice checkout lady at the drugstore is on maternity leave.  ... See the Rest