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Someone is Erasing the Streets of London with a Giant Photoshop Eraser!

Artists Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier have been erasing the streets of London with a Photoshop eraser tool, playfully adding the checkerboard ... See the Rest


Just Another Brick: Whole Banksy Wall Up For Auction

Banksy, I'm assuming you know about at this point. Google, if not. As an anonymous street artist, his work is generally NFS. So, when this piece was ... See the Rest


Giant Whimsical Street Paintings Seen From Above

Street artist Tec has painted a series of very large, cartoony figures on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, that must be viewed from high above for ... See the Rest


Snap!: Graffiti Art

A masterful work of graffiti art.(via juliasegal) ... See the Rest


Street Seen: The Truth About Michael Jackson

Somebody named Reece left us an important message on the sidewalk outside the World of Wonder building today, telling us the truth about what happened ... See the Rest


Graffiti in 1945: Picasso and Brassai

Photograph of Brassai and Picasso, circa 1966 by Brassai. (t/y Fred Brathwaite aka Fab Five Freddy) ... See the Rest


The Birth of Hip-Hop: “Wild Style” 30th Anniversary Screening

                      Tomorrow is the 30th-anniversary reunion ... See the Rest


Banksy Comes Alive

(via mypantsareonfire) ... See the Rest