Joseph Keckler: Goth Teen Relapse

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It seems perfect to celebrate the Goth Teen this time of year. In this video, dreamy New York performance artist Joseph Keckler, leaves the office to go ... See the Rest

Omg, These Vintage Mall Goths Are SOOO CUTE

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Raven, Your Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness and her partner-in-gloom Tara are like those little goths on South Park: SO ADORABLE, you just want to hug the blackness from their ... See the Rest

Corey Feldman Releases New Music Video

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Wow. Corey Feldman has completed his transformation into a 42-year-old, goth Michael Jackson impersonator (some things are too tough to quit) wearing leggings from LoveCulture (not hating, I just own them so I know). Corey's new song is called DUH and there is an "acting prelude. ... See the Rest

Next Level Drag: Swedish Goth-Glam Queens Duo Raw

Video thumbnail for youtube video Next Level Drag: Meet Sweden's Goth-Glam Queens Duo Raw - World of Wonder

The song is "Pony" and the video is kind of dark and disturbing in a fabulous sort of way. You'll see bits of Sharon Needles, Squeaky Blonde, Phillipe Blond, Leigh Bowery, Bane, Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Adore, GlitzGlam, and a little Gareth Pugh in their looks, but the sum total, ... See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

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... See the Rest

Scarlett Gothansson


Though nothing too original, especially for a Steven Klein shoot, I am loving Scarlett Johansson with a dark edge. She is giving me Lauren Ezersky meets Elvira. ... See the Rest

Il Castrato


Did you all catch this shit? There ain't nothing like a surprising goth to start your day out right. Watch, then pick your jaw up off of the floor. ... See the Rest

Must-Have Fashion Accessory of the Day


The Skeleton Hand bracelet by Delfina Delettrez. And at only $23,000, it's a STEAL! Any takers? Daphne Guinness? It's got YOU written all over it, hon! (via See the Rest