Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Hits the Pages of Vogue

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And it begins....I have been watching Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia for a while now and the fact that she is 13, tall and looks exactly like her supermodel/supermogul mother could only mean one thing: superstar. Kaia has hit the pages of Teen Vogue, shot by legendary photog ... See the Rest

Kaia Gerber Is Ready for Her Close-Up

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Look. At that. Face. Cindy Crawford's gene do NOT mess around. Kaia Gerber is 13 and beyond ready for prime time modeling gig. Her dad posted this pic of her on his Instagram and I know she has dabbled a little with the modeling, but she is her mama's doppelgänger. And? She is ... See the Rest

Gorgeous Conchita Wurst Is Making the Rounds

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Eurovision winner and all around stunner Conchita Wurst is making the rounds on tv and radio since her big win and she is looking as gorgeous as ever. Seen here yesterday, Conchita was making her way into a taping of The Graham Norton Show in London. I love that she won and I ... See the Rest

Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Is Gorge

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Can you stand it? Cindy Crawford's 12-year-old daughter Kaia is on the road to supermodeldom if she wants continue on said road. Yes, her mother is one of the biggest supermodels of all time but that doesn't always mean anything in the genetic lottery. Not in this case. Not only ... See the Rest

Lady Ga-Ga-Gorgeous

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When it's all stripped away, what lies beneath is a beautiful woman. You can see the look of exhaustion after Lady Gaga played the final shows the NYC legendary Roseland Ballroom will ever see. She tweeted this pic with the caption, "I love you, the past 6 shows have been amazing ... See the Rest

Rob Lowe Still Owns the Sexy

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I mean, look at him. Rob Lowe just turned 50 on St. Paddy's Day and hot damn is he still fine as hell. He is just a man who was blessed with insane genes. Yes, he looks older, things have shifted, but he's doing it all so sexy-like and flawlessly. He also has been married for 23 ... See the Rest

Alexa Ray Joel Is Stunning

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  I love this young woman's face. I know as a kid horrible things were said (poor thing, she looks like her father, etc) and I knew it was a young girl phase and she'd emerge out the other end an even more beautiful woman. Well look who was right? ME! Alexa Ray Joel has a ... See the Rest

Kylie Minogue Is Feeling Very Marilyn

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                  Could she be any cuter? The answer is no. Kylie Minogue shared this shot on her Instaglam with the caption, "Mr. President". Sometimes it fuels a fantasy, but other times it just feels good ... See the Rest