Flashback 1940: The 12th Annual Academy Awards

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Flashback 1938: A Wet Robert Taylor

While filming A Yank at Oxford, a very young Robert Taylor cools off between takes. (via See the Rest

A Joan Blondell Appreciation Post

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Breaking News: Lupe Velez Did NOT Die with Her Head In the Toilet!

Of course you've heard the legend: When "The Mexican Spitfire" Lupe Vélez  discovered she was pregnant from actor Harald Maresch in 1944, she decided to take her own life rather than face the shame of giving birth to an illegitimate child. She put on her finest gown, lit hundreds ... See the Rest

Lidsville: Hollywood’s Golden Age Toppers

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Montgomery Clift, circa 1950s, having some fun off the set. (We'll bet!) From a big collection of fabulous photos of midcentury-Hollywood stars. See Live ... See the Rest

Sexy Lexy

That's Lex Barker, the sexiest of all the on-screen Tarzans. I went on a huge Tarzan binge a few years ago and bought dvd box sets of all the actors who played him. There were A LOT, you know. You think it's all about See the Rest

She’s a living dahl

Glamorous movie star, celebrity astrologist, and What's My Line panelist Arlene Dahl is still alive and kicking, despite being on my 2010 death ... See the Rest