#WinterisComing: Mini Ice Age on the Way

Have you heard about this "mini ice age" that the earth is apparently going to experience sometime between 2030 and 2040? This is according to Valentina Zharkova who is a math professor ... See the Rest

ReTHUGlicans on Climate Change: “It Ain’t Happening”

The weather's finally perking up. I don't usually discuss the weather, but it was a long, dreary winter here in NYC. I can't imagine what Boston was like. I remember going out several times in January and an icy, howling wind destroyed my wig and threatened to pull my lashes off ... See the Rest

No Joke: Click To See What’s In Store For This Kid…

I found this funny photo hanging around on imgur and saved it. And then I came across a statistic that summed up why this pic was not so cute. This is the a headline story on See the Rest

Dear Children, Santa Has Some Bad Tidings For You: Christmas Has Been Cancelled

Jim Carter aka Downton Abbey's Mr Carson is a filthy and bedraggled Santa Clause announcing that Christmas has regrettably been cancelled due to global warming and oil drilling in the arctic. "For some time now," he says in this disturbing Greenpeace video, "melting ice here in ... See the Rest

Global Warming Reindeer

... See the Rest

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... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: The Iceman Cometh

Vivienne Westwood's F/W 2012 collection featured models whose combed-over hair and fake beards were covered in ice and snow. It was inspired, she says, by David ... See the Rest

Yeti chic at Chanel

After last season's "Down on the Farm" theme, Karl Lagerfeld needed to up the WOW factor, so he decided to set the Fall/Winter Chanel show on a glacier. To that end, he had REAL glaciers shipped in from Sweden. Yes, REAL GLACIERS SHIPPED IN FROM SWEDEN. Such is the power of ... See the Rest