#LGBT: “I Am Cait” Renewed for Season 2, Caitlyn Named “Woman of the Year” (Internet Explodes)

Caitlyn Jenner, the 65-year-old Olympian-turned-LGBT activist, will return to the small screen in a second season of I Am Cait. Jenner said in a statement. “I’m ... See the Rest

Legacy: Lauren Bacall Was The Last of Madonna’s “Vogue” Legends

Here's an strange bit of trivia about the passing of Lauren Bacall yesterday: As ... See the Rest

Mariah Takes Dem Babies To the Park

Only Mariah wears gowns to the park. Hello? Didn't you all see Glitter? The epic ending where she can ... See the Rest

Cover Girl 1: Scarlett Johansson On Glamour & Vanity Fair

State-of-the-art bombshell is right. Vanity Fair writer, Lili Anolik, describes Scarjo's VF photo session like this; "She’s seducing the camera and thus, by extension, you, since you, again by extension, are on the other end of that camera. It’s sex between intimates and ... See the Rest

Girls Talk: Lena Dunham Covers Glamour

"… somebody who gives you the space and time you need to do your work. Somebody who says, 'You couldn’t do anything that ... See the Rest

Pamela Anderson Workin’ That Hair

I am still living for Pamela Denise in her short hair. It is an amazing, appropriate change and I am so envious. Not everyone looks this gorge ... See the Rest

The Carmen Carrera Gif Shop

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Ever Wonder What 53 Coats of Polish Would Look Like on Your Nails?

Last year, Kas of the nail-art blog, Varnished Valkyrie, spent over two hours (“just for the heck of it”) applying 53 coats of nail polish to her fingernails which resulted in the above. "I had it on for just over three hours ... See the Rest