David Munk on Ola Ray’s Big Comeback Video “Remember”

Who's Ola Ray, you ask? The girl in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, of course. How soon they forget. And who's David Munk? Only one of our very favorite wowlebrities. He's from the New York cast of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and he just wrote a review for Ola Ray's ... See the Rest

Scenes from a Gay Marriage Official Trailer

                        Check out wowlebrity Jared Allman (Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys) in the trailer for Scenes from a Gay Marriage! Writer-director Matt ... See the Rest

Jared Allman’s Leading-Man Debut

Check out the first official poster for writer/director Matt Riddlehoover's upcoming comedy, Scenes from a Gay Marriage. The film stars Riddlehoover, ... See the Rest

Two-Minute Interview: David Munk from Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

A quickie conversation, in which I catch up with the GWLBWLB star and ask about life after the show, what he's doing now, and if he remembers the time he and I went on a date in college. Here's what he had to say. ME: Hey, lady. So tell me (in pithy little ... See the Rest

Munk’s the Word

You got to know and love him during season one of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and now you can read his stories and be regaled by his pithy commentary and ... See the Rest

Coming Soon

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Meet the Cast

The second season of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is set ... See the Rest

Nicely Does It

First of all, before you read anything more here, you'll probably want to know who that guy is wearing only panties. He wears them quite nicely and it's only by coincidence that his name happens to be ... See the Rest