5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions You Can Take To The Office

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#MovieReview: Why “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Rules My Galaxy

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You Have to See These Two Little Girls Kill Beyonce’s “Who Run the World (Girls)”

14-year-old Larsen Thompson and 11-year-old Taylor Hatala, who you may recall dancing to "I Don't F*ck With You" (totally appropriate) back in March, are back to KILL Beyonce's See the Rest

Vaguely NSFW: 1009, A Haunting Short Film Starring Chris Abbott

After cutie Chris Abbott left Girls last year because he "couldn't relate to his character's arc" (*eye roll*)(fuckin' actors, man), he did an off-Broadway play and a few indies before popping up last month in A Most Violent Year. All well and good, and we're all very happy for ... See the Rest

Excerpt: Lena Dunham’s New Yorker Piece (+ That *$#! Emmy Dress)

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What If?: The Cast of “Girls” Were In Peter Pan

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Damiana Interviews Ross Mathews at the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards

Damiana Garcia delighted in interviewing the handsome and hilarious Ross Mathews from E!'s "Hello Ross!" on the 2014 GLAAD Awards red carpet. They talked about Ross' recent sketch titled "Golden GIRLS," which was a mash-up of "Golden Girls" and HBO's "GIRLS." The sketch featured ... See the Rest

Hysterical! Ross Matthews and Jackie Beat Mashup Girls and Golden Girls

They did a fabulous sketch on Hello Ross this week, with Ross Matthews playing Hannah from Girls and the fabulous Jacke Beat doing Dorothy from the Golden Girls. Both are absolutely spot on. ... Watch Now