#GiftIdeas: Are Normal’s Custom Headphones The New… Normal?

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What's Normal? James was APPALLED at the new "Dress Normal" GAP ads. Last year saw TV's The New Normal come and go in a flash and now we have more "Normal"? I was walking down 18th in Chelsea just the other day and stumbled across a new – store? I wasn't sure WHAT it was. But I ... See the Rest

Holiday Gift Idea 3: Don’t Send Pears To John Waters…


"The rudest thing you can ever give anybody [is] a fruit basket. I can buy a goddamn pear. I'm always shocked when I open one of these. Who would dare send me ten pears? I can buy a pear, you know? It's not so hard to find a pear. I think gift baskets should be drugs or ... See the Rest

Holiday Gift Idea: Hand Jewelry!

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I know you've been in a blind panic, thinking to yourselves "the holiday's are here ALREADY? What am I going to get James St James?" Well, take a deep breath. Relax. I've got you covered. Just get me this stunning Ana Khouri 18 karat rose gold and diamond hand bracelet (or ... See the Rest

Must-Have Chocolate-Covered Strawberries of the Season

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BeautyBoner posted this pic of the fabulously spooky treats she got from Toy Syndrome last night, and I'm thinking they make the perfect hostess gift for this season's Halloween parties. ... See the Rest

Only 22 Hours Left!


This time tomorrow the big World of Wonder sale at Fab.com will be over, and you will have missed out on your chance to be the first person your block to buy the upcoming World of Wonder book (featuring GORGEOUS pictures of all your favorite wowlebrities from Charo to Tammy Faye ... See the Rest

O Cum All Ye Faithful

Sure you spend most of your time trying to get the cum stains OUT of your shirts, but here's a lovely tee that's been artfully pre-spooged for you. The East Village Boys Cumshot Tee is perfect for sluts and wannabe sluts alike! It sends the message that you don't have time to ... See the Rest

Last chance Christmas gift idea

A shag-a-rific bathroom makeover in bubblegum pink, a la Jayne Mansfield! (t/y Brett)   ... See the Rest


Gin and Titonic ice cubes from Fred & Friends are causing a stir....  Titanic historian crashing bore Brian Ticehurst huffs, "How long will it be before this firm makes ice cubes of the Twin Towers to commemorate 9/11?"  ... See the Rest