WOWPresents Twenty Million Views YouTube

WOWPresents Hits 20 Million Views!

WOWPresents has hit 20 million views (and counting)! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! We here at World of Wonder just want to say thank you all so much for ... Watch Now


Dolly, Llama?: Prancersize, Bitch!

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Gif Shop: In Eager Anticipation Of Warmer Weather

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Vintage Gif Shop: Don Knotts Big Pimpin’

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Fashion Week Gif Shop: Hot Wintour Looks

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I Am Britney Jean Advent Calendar: Day Nine!

Day nine of the I Am Britney Jean Advent Calendar! Before she was the queen of pop, she was the queen of gymnastics. DUH. I Am Britney Jean premieres ... See the Rest


I Am Britney Jean Advent Calendar: Day Eight!

Day eight of the I Am Britney Jean Advent Calendar! Miss Britney Spears has ALWAYS been legendary! I Am Britney Jean premieres on December 22 at 8PM ... See the Rest


Lily Allen….She’s Baaack!

Queen Lily Allen is back with a new song and video "Hard Out Here." It's cutesy bootsey and fun (like always!) Watch and listen. What do you all ... See the Rest