Video thumbnail for youtube video Meryl Streep Is A Genius! - World of Wonder

The Ellen Show: Two Geniuses!

Ellen had these two guests recently; Meryl, 64, and Elias, 7 – and they both KILLED. Just watch. ... See the Rest


Support Hoes: Norm Korpi’s Aero-Tray on Kickstarter

Wowlebrity and friend of WOW Norm Korpi has an amazing idea on Kickstarter for a revolutionary travel accessory that expands, articulates, and ... See the Rest

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The Best “Wrecking Ball” Parody?

(via WeHoConfidential) ... See the Rest

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Eddy and Patsy Carry the Olympic Torch On TV

I was in Alaska when the actual Olympics started so that explains why I missed this. Eddy and Patsy carried the actual Olympic torch on actual TV. ... See the Rest


Happy Eastover

Best. Card. Ever. ... See the Rest

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Tune for Today: Jackie Beat’s “Gimme All Your Blood”

Another genius and hilarious Jackie Beat musical parody (this time Madge's latest gets served) with video by Austin Young. ... See the Rest

More proof that Justin Bieber is God

OMG, he solves a Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds! Talent, looks, AND brains! ... See the Rest

Anything but black

Wanda Sykes from her HBO comedy special I'ma Be Me ... See the Rest