Women’s Colleges Spark Controversy Admitting Transgender Students


Women's colleges across the country are broadening their admissions policies to now include transgender students.  Some people are concerned that this could affect the "nature" of single-gender schools, or maybe they're just pissed that this means stiffer competition. The debate is hot - with hundreds of Alums arguing that this is part of a ... See the Rest

Caster Semenya is intersexed. I see a reality series here!

No, really. My heart breaks for this poor girl. For the past month she's had her whole world turned upside down. First, people were rudely (and rightly, it turns out) questioning her gender. Then doctors and scientists got all up in her coochie, digging around for testes and whatnot. And now they've found them, so what happens to her? She been ... See the Rest

Tastes like chicken

I'll take mine scrambled. (The baby is not anatomically correct, so it can be either gender.) Lucia is a One-of-a-Kind miniature baby sculpture by Camille Allen. She measures 2 1/2 inches (6.4 cm) and has dark brown hair. ... See the Rest

They’re just not that into her

photo: Marcel SchaarIs the magazine Men's Health taking a less than healthy approach to gender in their new campaign? ... See the Rest