This is the Worst Quinceañera Ever!

On episode 2 of "The Most Popular Girls of Drag Race" the girls throw extra shade at Serena, Jade Jolie laughs, Monica informs Jinkx that Detox and Jade did porn, and Jinkx informs Monica that, "it's Monsoon season, bitch!" I have been looking forward to each new episode of this ... See the Rest

Most Popular Girls of Drag Race

"Most Popular Girls of Drag Race," by the beautiful Honey Golightly, parodies the viral hit, "The Most Popular Girls in School," with our beloved drag race contestants. ... See the Rest

What if Your Friends Acted Like Pets?

Honestly, if this happened I would have them spayed and neutered. ... See the Rest

I Hope She Is Just Trolling Us

You really don't even have to follow the election season at all to find this funny, because she manages to discuss politics without even talking about anything related to politics. (t/y Jason) ... See the Rest

Cat Takes Time to Paws and Reflect

"Hi, Kitty. What are you thinking about?" "I dunno. Birds and stuff." ... See the Rest

Now I’m Thirsty

What the hell, is Circletine made of crack and bath salts or something? (via OprahsMom) ... See the Rest

The Cinderellis

Jersey-born Gina Cinderelli has had it up to Snooki's hair poof with her stepmotha and her step-sistas. She cooks, she cleans, and she's in charge of filling and refilling her evil Stepmotha's glass of chianti. One day, she gets an invite from Facebook that will change her life ... See the Rest

Rawandan Grand Prix

No car gets better gas mileage than a Rawandan car! This cute stop-motion flick is made possible by the Orphans of Rawanda Program, and you can make a donation here. (via See the Rest