Lady Gaga VS Madonna Applause Gone Wild – MashUp

Stop the drama, start the music. (t/y pouertoriko) ... See the Rest

Cheerios Parody: Eat It Haters

After all the hate spawned by the Cheerios's bi-racial family commercial, this parody helps get the bad taste out of your mouth. ... See the Rest

Things That Surprisingly Exist: Competitive Combative Juggling

I have no idea how you score in this game, and it seems pretty weird that they're not wearing helmets since there's a high chance of getting smacked in the face, but if they cut out the annoying announcer guys and had this dramatic music at all times, I might actually pay ... See the Rest

How Animals Eat Their Food

This is the most accurate video about animal nourishment on the entire internet. See the Rest

Will Sasso’s Lemon Party

If you've ever been to Will Sasso's Vine account, you will see documentation of Mr. Sasso being basically an inside out lemon tree. ... See the Rest

BREAKING: Optical Illusions Work on Cats

So optical illusions apparently work on cats, but then they try to kill them. ... See the Rest

Truth, Dare, or Shade?

Right after the first ever double elimination on Drag Race, Alyssa and Lineysha escape before Roxxxy and Alaska are locked in overnight with Honey and Vivienne, right before they sashay away from the workroom for good. They pass the time by playing Truth or Dare, where they spill ... See the Rest

Flashback 2006: Spending the Day with Bryanboy

In 2006, WOW followed burgeoning Filipino fashion blogger (and future ANTM judge) Bryanboy around Manila for 24 hours, I can't remember why. For a reality show we were pitching? Probably. Now, we've uploaded the resulting ... See the Rest