Modern Family Actor Reid Ewing Nonchalantly Comes Out: “I Was Never In”

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Dancing with the Stars Gives a “Definitive No” to Two Men Dancing Together

Openly gay artist Who Is Fancy is set to perform on the November 23 DWTS, where he'll debut his new song, "Boys Like You," featuring Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor. Says TMZ: The song is about a man falling ... See the Rest

New Study: In Locker Rooms, Straight Men Act Gay, Gay Men Act Straight

Dr. Morriss-Roberts, a podiatrist doing his PhD on athletes and footwear, made a surprising discovery about penis size and its connection to masculinity in sports. While ... See the Rest

Oldie but Goodie: Halloween Costume Ideas for Your “Faggy Little Boy”

The Onion's tips on how to "butch up" your effeminate little boy's Halloween costume choice. Included: How to deal with prancers, lispers, and boys with long, effeminate eyelashes. "If you want your child to depict a male-dominated profession, be very careful not to choose one ... See the Rest

Blind Item: What Male Star Is Getting Frisky with His Younger Male Co-Star on the Set of Their New Show?

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Kickstarter OTD: “Scream, Queen” a Documentary About Nightmare On Elmstreet 2 aka THE GAYEST MOVIE EVER FILMED

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The Time Taylor Swift Threw Ian McKellen Out of Her New Apartment

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Ultimate Fighter Daron Cruickshank’s Porn Past Revealed!

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