Blind Item: Who Is the “Sizable Son” Who is “Inching Out of the Closet”?

Lord knows "outing" someone is tacky, and who you choose to sleep with with is nobody's business but your own, but – I'm sorry – I can't ... See the Rest

#Herstory: The Pink Angels, a Transvestite Biker Movie from 1972

"Plenty of heads turn when a group of transvestite bikers wheel their way to Los Angeles," says the IMDB description. HUH? How could I never have heard of such ... See the Rest

#FutureHusband: One of the Carver Twins Has Come Out Of the Closet!!!!

Teen Wolf/Desperate Housewives/The Leftovers cutie patootie Charlie Carver, one half of the WORLD FAMOUS Carver ... See the Rest

Flashback 1974: Watch the First Big Gay Movie “A Very Natural Thing”

It's your movie for a mid-winter's afternoon: A Very Natural Thing. From the YouTube description: An important ... See the Rest

Round Hole, Square Peg 2 Photo Competition: The Call For Submissions HAS BEEN EXTENDED to December 26!

What is Queer Photography? Help us tell our story. Have your work exhibited as part of “Round Hole Square Peg 2” at Photo LA 2016. Round Hole, Square Peg is an open-call, juried photography show, conceived with the intent to question and acquire a new LGBTQ visual aesthetic ... See the Rest

Modern Family Actor Reid Ewing Nonchalantly Comes Out: “I Was Never In”

Reid Ewing, who plays the adorably dim Dylan on Modern Family, oh-so-casullly outed himself on Twitter over the weekend. After penning an article for HuffPo last week ... See the Rest

Dancing with the Stars Gives a “Definitive No” to Two Men Dancing Together

Openly gay artist Who Is Fancy is set to perform on the November 23 DWTS, where he'll debut his new song, "Boys Like You," featuring Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor. Says TMZ: The song is about a man falling ... See the Rest

New Study: In Locker Rooms, Straight Men Act Gay, Gay Men Act Straight

Dr. Morriss-Roberts, a podiatrist doing his PhD on athletes and footwear, made a surprising discovery about penis size and its connection to masculinity in sports. While ... See the Rest