Orange Is the New Gay: Inside the Gay Wing of the LA County Jail

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This week, LA Weekly had a fascinating story about the K6G (formerly K-11) wing of the LA County Jail that houses its gay inmates, one of only a handful of such places in the country. We knew all about it here at WOW because almost 10 years ago we tried to do a reality show/documentary set there. Watch the long-lost development footage we pulled ... See the Rest

NSFW: Justin Sayre On Gay Virgins Waiting ‘Til Marriage

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At the latest gathering of the International Order of Sodomites, master of ceremonies Justin Sayre takes on gay marriage... and the latest trend of gay virgins waiting until marriage for sex. "Gay virgins are not hot," he says. "That's not a hot thing." He goes on to note, "You would not hire a plumber that just learned pipes. Gay sex is tricky, ... See the Rest

Oldie but Goodie: Halloween Costume Ideas for Your “Faggy Little Boy”

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The Onion's tips on how to "butch up" your effeminate little boy's Halloween costume choice. Included: How to deal with prancers, lispers, and boys with long, effeminate eyelashes. "If you want your child to depict a male-dominated profession, be very careful not to choose one that's been co-opted by the gay community like a fireman, a cop, a ... See the Rest

Can We TALK About That Gay Sex Scene on Last Night’s How to Get Away With Murder?


Gasping! Heaving! Wheezing! I was FLOPPING ON THE FLOOR during last night's How to Get Away with Murder! Connor Walsh, HTGAWM's predatory and highly amoral intern, once again showed he would do ANYTHING to get the goods for Annalise. And by anything, I mean EAT ASS. Yes, Connor's already established analingus prowess was a MAJOR plot point. Connor ... See the Rest

Is Luke Evans Finally Out of the Closet? Maaaaaaybe


Dracula Untold star Luke Evans, who was out of the closet, then back in, is now back out. Sort of. After his publicist specifically asked interviewers not to bring up his sexuality, WWD asked if he was setting a new precedent as "an openly gay action star." Luke hemmed and hawed a moment then said: "It’s good for people to look at me and think this ... See the Rest

Vintage Gay Pulp Covers from the ’50s to the ’80s

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A treasure trove of (often hilarious) gay pulp fiction novels from the '50s to the '80s after the jump. (via SissyDude)     From University of Massachusetts: As a result of a series of court cases, by the mid-1960s the U.S. post office could no longer interdict books that contained homosexuality. Gay writers were eager to ... See the Rest

Gay Board Games from the ’70s and ’80s

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Oh, the times we had! Remember the '70s? Playing "Twinkies & Trolls" with Paul Lynde and Randy from the Village People over mimosas and poppers on Fire Island! Truly, a magical time to be gay. The Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives has unearthed some fabulous gay-themed board games from the 1970s and '80s, like "Fantasy Weekend in Key West," ... See the Rest

Doctor Who’s Scandalous Lizard/Lesbian Kiss


Doctor Who season 8 premiered Saturday night with the introduction new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and blah blah blah, he totally slayed it, he's the best doctor ever, WHATEVER – but what got everybody's knickers in a REAL twist was the  lesbian kiss between Madam Vastra and Jenny which some have attacked as “unnecessary” and promoting “blatant gay ... See the Rest