Vintage Gay Pulp Covers from the ’50s to the ’80s

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A treasure trove of (often hilarious) gay pulp fiction novels from the '50s to the '80s after the jump. (via SissyDude)     From University of Massachusetts: As a result of a series of court cases, by the mid-1960s the U.S. post office could no longer interdict books that contained homosexuality. Gay writers were eager to ... See the Rest

Gay Board Games from the ’70s and ’80s

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Oh, the times we had! Remember the '70s? Playing "Twinkies & Trolls" with Paul Lynde and Randy from the Village People over mimosas and poppers on Fire Island! Truly, a magical time to be gay. The Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives has unearthed some fabulous gay-themed board games from the 1970s and '80s, like "Fantasy Weekend in Key West," ... See the Rest

Doctor Who’s Scandalous Lizard/Lesbian Kiss


Doctor Who season 8 premiered Saturday night with the introduction new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and blah blah blah, he totally slayed it, he's the best doctor ever, WHATEVER – but what got everybody's knickers in a REAL twist was the  lesbian kiss between Madam Vastra and Jenny which some have attacked as “unnecessary” and promoting “blatant gay ... See the Rest

My Interview with Club King Mario Diaz

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Humpy club impressario Mario Diaz is the subject of a new documentary Club King, currently making the rounds of the festival circuit. It focuses on his 20+ years in clubland, throwing some of the most sextastic parties you've ever attended. I talked to him about the good old days at his club The Cock in New York, his besties Jackie Beat and Justin ... Watch Now

Another ’90s Flashback: 1-900-CRUISE-BAR

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Because you couldn't really advertise a gay chat line in the early '90s, these guys just called themselves "alternative." But at $2.99 a minute with a 16 minute minimum? You better be getting what you paid for. Absolutely hysterical. And the female impersonators are PRICELESS. ... See the Rest

Chris Pratt on Hooking Up with RDJ and Chris Evans: “It’d Be Fun!”

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Hottest man in the known universe, Chris Pratt, sits down with BuzzFeed to talk erotic fanfic and how he would feel about hooking up with fellow Marvel stars Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans for a threesome. GOOD QUESTION, BUZZFEED! Check out his surprising response: ... Watch Now

Absolutely Fascinating: Anonymous Gay Man Interviewed About Gay Life in Pakistan

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That Gay Backpacker is on an adventure, traveling the world and blogging about "hot locals, dodgy gay bars, and how the humidity is messin' with my hair." He's started an interesting new feature, That Gay Guy, in which he interviews gay guys from all different parts of the world. The first interview is with M.A.H (not his real name, to protect his ... See the Rest

Watch Justin Sayre’s Guide to Gay Culture Shame

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At the recent meeting for the International Order of Sodomites (I.O.S.), comedian Justin Sayre makes a compelling argument for bringing back "gay shame." We brought it on ourselves, he said. For allowing Countess LuAnn to become a pop star, for putting Tan Mom in gay porn... "We used to be the arbiters of style," he moans. "Does anybody in this ... Watch Now