#ManCrushMonday: The 39 Hottest Cartoon Characters of All Time

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After a quick canvassing of the WOW office, I've compiled a list of the hottest male cartoon characters EVER. These are the hunks that made us swoon on Saturday morning, who gave us that first PING of gay recognition, and had us dreaming of lavish cartoon weddings on Fire Island. ... See the Rest

The Gay Essentials: The 75 Albums Every Gay Man NEEDS to Own

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A primer for millennials on the 75 must-have albums they need to own, because whether they want to believe it or not THERE ACTUALLY WAS MUSIC BEFORE BEYONCÉ.  ... See the Rest

The Gay Essentials: The 50 Movies Every Gay Man NEEDS to See

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The camp classics that defined generations of gay men seem to have been all but forgotten lately. After the jump, I've listed the 50 most captivating, inspiring, and important movies that you absolutely NEED to see before you die. It's Homo 101 on the WOW Report. ... See the Rest

Gavin Rossdale’s Former Gay Lover Surfaces, of Course, to Put In His Two Cents

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'80s drag popstar (and personal idol of mine) Marilyn aka Peter Robinson talked to Entertainment Tonight about the divorce of his ... See the Rest

Andy’s Randy Summer: Christie’s Online Auction of Andy Warhol’s LGBT-Themed Works

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Now through Thursday (June 25th), it's a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime online auction at Christie's of over 100 Warhol photographs, prints and drawings "in which the ... See the Rest

DC Comics’ Super-Gay History


It's gay pride month, and DC Comics has posted a video compilation of their various LGBT characters and storylines in their comics – from the ... See the Rest

Yummy Norweigian Pop Star Tooji Comes Out By Having Sex with a Priest in His New Video

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Now, THAT'S how you come out of the closet! Iranian-born Norwegian pop star Touraj Keshtkar, known to his fans as Tooji, let the world know he's gay in a scandalous new music video that features him ... See the Rest

It’s the Disney Princes of Your Gayest Dreams

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It's all your favorite Disney princess – Eric! Philip! Aladdin! Charming! – reimagined as queer by the artist YANN-X. Huffington Post editor ... See the Rest