Straight Teen Asks Gay Best Friend to Prom (Get Your Hankie Out)

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Have you seen this story yet? It's so perfect, you're going to just SOB. Las Vegas high school student Anthony Martinez went on Twitter the other day saying he wished a boy would ask him to prom. He didn’t care whether it was an official date or not – he just wanted a date to the ... See the Rest

Prank OTD: When Your Grindr BF Shows Up Unexpectedly

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In this hidden camera prank from, "Gaybriel" tries to reconnect with boys he's been talking to on Grindr. The thing is: The guys are straight. To get their names and info, he had two attractive girls hit on them further down the beach and relay their stats back to ... See the Rest

Must-Watch: Perfume Genius Performs “Queen” at Coachella 2015

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Now, personally I would rather you stick oyster forks up my bum than spend an hour at Coachella, but that's just me. Watching Perfume Genius aka Matt Hadreas, however, might be the one thing that could get me there. Here he is gyrating onstage in fishnets, red lipstick, and a ... See the Rest

New Documentary “Seed Money” About the Pornographer Who Gave Gays Their Pride

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Fascinating new doc debuting today at the Boston LGBT Festival, Seed Money, about porntrepeneur Chuck Holmes who founded the Falcon gay porn studio back in the early '70s. He made a fortune, then tried to use that money to help propel the gay rights movement forward – only to ... See the Rest

#Ain’tLoveGrand: Watch Steve Grand’s Tortured Love Affair in the Video for “Time”

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Out-proud singer-songwriter/prettyboy Steve Grand finds love with hunky model Daniel Williams in the video for his new single "Time" off his debut album, "All-American Boy," (released March 23). From HuffPo: The video explores the entire course of a relationship -- from ... See the Rest

Tab Hunter Confidential: On Being Hot & Closeted in the 1950s

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He was ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOYS TO EVER WALK GOD'S GREEN EARTH. It's true: In the 1950s, there was ABSOLUTELY no one hotter than Tab Hunter. There was also no one more miserable. The teen heartthrob – forever known as "America's Boy Next Door" – had a deep, dark secret that ... See the Rest

13-Year-Old Boys Kiss on “The Fosters” – Controversy Ensues (Of Course)


A groundbreaking same-sex kiss on the ABC Family (!!!!!) show The Fosters has folks up in arms, and the show creators on the defensive with the media. The youngest gay kiss in TV history took place last week as 13-year-old friends Jude and Conner kissed after a long ... See the Rest

RuPaul to Attitude Magazine: “I Don’t Think Drag Will Ever Be Mainstream”

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Ru, looking luscious on the cover of British gay mag Attitude, says she doesn’t think drag will ever be a truly mainstream proposition. “I don’t think drag will ever truly be mainstream, because of everything that our culture holds dear. Drag’s whole purpose is to mock society; ... See the Rest