Erotic Superhero art at Antebellum, Oct 23-25

The artist Iceman Blue is having a gallery show and signing copies of his SUPER SEXUALLY EXPLICIT graphic novel See the Rest

bat sh*t

I am so in love with Tim Drake, I tremble when I read Batman. Honest, I do. If ONLY they would do a Tim Drake movie, I think I would die a happy queen. And ... See the Rest

Casting the Boy Wonders

As every comic geek knows: The times, they are a-changing in Gotham City. Robin (Dick Grayson) is now Batman. Bruce Wayne's bratty, illegitimate child Damian is now Robin. And darling fan-fave/pretty-boy Tim Drake (Robin #3) ... See the Rest

Worst. Supervillain. Ever.

Oh no! The Hoopster is rolling towards us! Must... step out of the way?  ... See the Rest