Erotic Superhero art at Antebellum, Oct 23-25

The artist Iceman Blue is having a gallery show and signing copies of his SUPER SEXUALLY EXPLICIT graphic novel Midnight Man Saturday night from 6-9 PM at the Antebellum Gallery (1643 N. Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood Ca. 90028). I just stopped by to check out the art and I can ... See the Rest

bat sh*t

I am so in love with Tim Drake, I tremble when I read Batman. Honest, I do. If ONLY they would do a Tim Drake movie, I think I would die a happy queen. And I lovelovelove the cover of Criminal World with Batman's silhouette rightside-up and the Penguin's upside-down. Fabulous. ... See the Rest

Casting the Boy Wonders

As every comic geek knows: The times, they are a-changing in Gotham City. Robin (Dick Grayson) is now Batman. Bruce Wayne's bratty, illegitimate child Damian is now Robin. And darling fan-fave/pretty-boy Tim Drake (Robin #3) now calls himself Red Robin and hides his hotness under ... See the Rest

Worst. Supervillain. Ever.

Oh no! The Hoopster is rolling towards us! Must... step out of the way?  ... See the Rest