Chris Martin and Garrett Hedlund Duet at Unbroken Party

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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin sings an original song from the Angelina Jolie film Unbroken (as well as his own hit "Viva la Vida"), before bringing super-yummy Garrett Hedlund up to sing "White Christmas." Garret doesn't get there until around the 10:00 mark, but check out Martin's smooth banter at the beginning of the video, and remember why you ... Watch Now

First Look At Pan (Yes, As In Peter Pan)

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Sometimes it seems there are only a few dozen stories that Hollywood keeps retelling over and over and over. If it's not Frankenstein or Dracula, it's Batman or Superman. The writer J.M. Barrie created Peter Pan over 100 years ago, and we've been seeing it mounted on the stage and screen for decades ever since with Peter usually played by a woman ... See the Rest

Yum! The Hunks of the Independent Spirit Awards

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Pictures of the hottest guys at at Saturday's 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, including JGL, Garrett Hedlund and MORE. ... See the Rest

Casting News: Garrett Hedlund Is in as Hook in the New Peter Pan

Garrett Hedlund attends the premiere of 'On the Road' at the SVA Theater in New York City

Devilishly handsome Garrett Hedlund has beat out Ezra Miller and Jack Huston for the role of Captain Hook in the big-screen retelling of Peter Pan by Anna Karenina director Joe Wright. Not be confused with musical version coming to NBC this December. Or the already perfectly marvelous Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. No this is a billion-dollar ... See the Rest

Fifty Shades of No

Garrett Hedlund attends 'Inside Llewyn Davis' photocall at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, in Cannes

Blisteringly handsome Tron: Legacy actor Garrett Hedlund, 28, whom you'll see soon in the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis, has turned down the role that every young male in Hollywood covets: the 27-year-old billionaire sadist Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Garrett didn't want to be trapped into starring in a trilogy, and producers ... See the Rest

On the Red Carpet: The Inside Llewyn Davis Premiere at Cannes

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At the Cannes photo call for Joel and Ethan Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis: Garrett Hedlund and the RIDICULOUSLY COIFFED Justin Timberlake. Yes, I said it. Just go back to the Ramen noodles, man. Or shave it off. You look like a fuckin' poofter spending so much time and money to get your hair that straight. I've heard that Jessica Biel has had it up to ... See the Rest

Indulge Me: One More Fashion Week Post

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Jessica Chastain at Saint Laurent, and we get it, Jessica: Redheads can wear red. Now stop it. You're hurting my eyes. And while I'm at it: Stop going changing outfits five times a day and attending every fashion show you're invited to. You're cheapening your brand. GO ACT. Sure, it's exciting to be on the A-list, but if you don't concentrate on ... See the Rest

Cover Boys

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Garrett Hedlund for Details and Sam Clafin (with Jennifer Lawrence) in full Catching Fire regalia in EW. ... See the Rest