#WatchNow: Miley Cyrustein & “The Super Jews” Do “Super Freak”

Miley Cyrus became "Miley Cyrustein" last night when she sang at James Franco's Bar Mitzvah (a spoof Jewish coming of age ceremony) ... See the Rest

Funny or Die’s Kim Davis Spoof: “Clerks & Recreation”

Footage of Kim Davis, the Terror of Kentucky, is interspersed with scenes of Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. "She's a ... See the Rest

#FunnyorDie: Trump’s New Slogan “Lick My Dong, America. I’m Rich and You’re Not.” Sends Polls Higher!

I'm sure you've heard that blowhard/POTUS candidate Donald Trump insulted Senator John McCain. Trump said he does not owe McCain an apology ... See the Rest

#WatchNow: Dennis Quaid’s Meltdown Was A Hoax But The Final Video Is Worth It

Almost everyone thought Dennis Quaid's viral on-set meltdown was fake, and they were right... it was a Funny or Die video that was released yesterday and it's kinda worth the suspense. He rants about "zombies" and "this "&**%#! baby" and "this is ... See the Rest

Indiana Home Shopping with James Van Der Beek & Anna Camp

You know, Indiana's new religious freedom law can make for some pretty uncomfortable home shopping. James Van Der Beek and co-host Anna Camp have a rather severe take on the new legislation, which has created a media firestorm. ... See the Rest

#2015Horror: “Unfriended” Is Online Bullying Meets Friday The 13th

At first, this photo of a girl screaming into a computer screen with the word UNFRIENDED looks more like a Funny or Die parody than a real movie. The premise is "duh" simple, but chilling. I might not run out to the theater on opening day, but ... See the Rest

Between Two Ferns: Zach Galifinakis Interviews Bradley Pitts

Yes, he says it's a let-down after interviewing POTUS and calls Brad Pitt, "Bradley Pitts" and it goes downhill from there. He asks him when he knew he loved Angelina, and if ... See the Rest

Combo Post #2: How To Have (Gay?) Sex With A Pumpkin

I don't know where my head is at today, but seeing Adam's Fashionable ... See the Rest