Quote Unquote: Kathy Griffin On Her Mentor & Friend, Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho kick off the 2012 Las Vegas Pride Night Parade

Joan Rivers funeral is today at Temple Emanu El on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Here's Kathy Griffin on her pal; "Early on in our friendship, around the time Joan had a recurring role as my mother on the sitcom Suddenly Susan, I asked her, 'How do you deal with the fact that ... See the Rest

Alec Baldwin’s Twitter Tirade Against the Daily Mail


Alec Baldwin has resurfaced! He's been awfully low key of late, and it's refreshing to see the rage still lives within. He went off on George Stark of the UK's Daily Mail for writing a story about his wife Hilaria and how she was allegedly tweeting from the church where they were ... See the Rest

Leave Sly Alone

Sylvester Stallone and a friend are spotted out and about in Beverly Hills

As if Sylvester Stallone doesn't have enough shit to contend with being hit with the devastation of losing a child, the selfish non-souled entities of Westboro Baptist Church are calling for a picket at Sage's funeral. Why? Because Sly was an adulterer. The Church, infamous for ... See the Rest