Frontiers Magazine Translated Into Russian

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Halloween by Frontiers Magazine

Many wowlebrites and friends of WOW have been covergirls for the Halloween issue of Frontiers. In fact, here is Detox in the Bride of Frankenstein look that ... See the Rest

Lady Bunny in Frontiers Magazine Discussing her New Single “Take Me Up High”

Writes Stephan Horbelt in Frontiers magazine: "If you thought you had Lady Bunny pegged as a rude, crude, bawdy performer whose humor combines the scatalogical with the downright vulgar — ... See the Rest

James St James Talks Transformations with Frontiers Magazine

While we wait for the new episode of Transformations to upload (ANY MINUTE NOW!), here's an interview from this week's issue of Frontiers about the web series. For those who haven't yet seen Transformations, ... See the Rest

Beth Ditto Covers Frontiers‘ LA Pride Issue in the Most Fabulous Earrings Ever Made

  Read through this issue! ... See the Rest

Willam’s Hole: Willam Belli Covers Hole’s Live Through This for Frontiers

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Ana Matronic Loves RuPaul’s Drag Race

As if you needed a reason to love her more, Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters LOVES her some RuPaul's Drag Race. She was recently interviewed by FrontiersLA, and when asked if she was as big a fan of the show as her bandmate, the hunky Babydaddy, she says: "I would actually ... See the Rest

The Friday Podcast

This week the roundtable consists of me, James St. James, Michelle Visage, Steven Corfe, Thairin Smothers, and special guest Stephan Horbelt from Frontiers magazine. Topics discussed ... See the Rest