Miguel Disses Frank Ocean In Interview! Who Makes Better Music?

It's a battle between the R&B heartthrobs! Over the weekend, the sexy and stylish singer Miguel took a pretty intense shot at fellow adorable R&B singer/songwriter Frank Ocean during an interview with See the Rest

Instagram Intrigue: Did Frank Ocean and Richard Tisci Hook Up After the Met Ball?

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In Frank Ocean News

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Deep Thoughts with Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” Video

“Pyramids nsfw. but you don’t have a job anyway,” the 24-year-old rapper wrote on his Twitter account about this new video. There's a lot of pretentious gobbledeegook here in the first couple of minutes, but once he starts singing ... See the Rest

Chris Brown: Doing His Part to Make the World a Better Place One Tweet at a Time

When a reporter asked Chris Brown about Frank Ocean's coming out, and he reportedly snarled "No homo!" and walked away in disgust. After a shitstorm of hate rained down on him, he took to Twitter to assure everyone that he wasn't homophobic AT ALL. In fact, he's really a ... See the Rest