#BornThisDay: Writer, Fran Lebowitz

October 27, 1950- Fran Lebowitz: "All God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable." She is one of my idols. If you don't know her, you ... See the Rest

#DowntownLegend: “Whispers” Night at Howl! Happening Gallery Brought Back the Gay Old Pyramid

Last night was another in a series of nights at Howl! Happening Gallery during the exhibit Secrets of the Great Pyramid: The Pyramid Cocktail Lounge as Cultural Laboratory. The opening ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Fran Lebowitz On Gay Marriage

Fran Lebowitz is back to writing again (she's working on a new novel), but she hasn't stopped talking. Paper magazine's David Hershkovitz talked to her about a myriad of subjects. Here's her ... See the Rest

Quotes Unquote: Fran Lebowitz

"Being a woman is of special interest only to aspiring male transsexuals. To actual women, it is simply a good excuse not to play football." "To put it ... See the Rest

Vintage News OTD

... See the Rest

Absolutely Frantastic

If NYU's Sexton Plan for expansion goes forward, it will destroy two acres of green space -- including the spectacular Sasaki Gardens and the Key Park children's playground -- replacing it with a 2.5 million square foot building that will require at least 20 years of continuous ... See the Rest

Why Fran Lebowitz no longer writes

Because she can't. When the party-picture perennial recently took time out of her busy tuxedo-buying schedule to pen a few words for the upcoming coffee-table book Indochine: Stories, Shaken and Stirred, her 28-year-long ... See the Rest