First Look: The Carver Twins on Teen Wolf

Lynette and Tom's little boys on Desperate Housewives are all grown up and have joined the cast of ... See the Rest

Happy Holidays from the JoBros

Nick is not down with the Santa hats, he wants you to know ("It's a personal choice"), and will not be fist-bumping anyone (that means YOU, Kevin), and in case you've forgotten: Joe is definitely heterosexual and quite the hip-hop bro these days. *Rolls eyes* ... See the Rest

What I Missed on Last Week’s Vampire Diaries

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The Real World: It Does a Body Good

Remember Simon Sherry-Wood? He was the twink on season 13 of The Real World in Paris. Well now he's a model, and he is HOT! ... See the Rest

Tweets of the Day

(via Poison ... See the Rest

Flashback 1995: Ian Somerhalder Models Versace

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Our little boy turns 18 in exactly one week! He tweeted: "worked out with the new trainer this morning. Hardwork. We got goals. Gonna go hard." And the results are already showing. Kind of. Oh, they grow up so fast. (via See the Rest

Harry Potter‘s Dashing Tom Felton Tries the Pickup Scene

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