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Edible Mist Machines. Now I’ve Heard Everything

Remember that great 30 Rock episode where Liz is at a pretentious art gallery opening and the waiter comes by and says "The hors d'oeuvres tonight are ... See the Rest

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Snack Time: Knit Food by Jessica Dance

Super-kawii knitted meals by Jessica Dance. Jessica is a London-based art director, model maker, & prop stylist who specializes in creating ... See the Rest

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Must-Have Burger Bangles!

Burger, buns, cheese, lettuce, tomato – all in fabulous stackable bangles! Japan's Just Like Honeyee store is selling burger bangles for just¥14,000 ... See the Rest

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Join the Bacon and Gravy Train To Lose Weight

  Okay, I have no idea if this works, but I am here to help you dieters out there that just can't stay on the diet bandwagon because of ... See the Rest

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Watch This: The SAMSARA Food Sequence Showing

Absolutely mesmerizing footage of how we get the food we eat. ... See the Rest

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Chihuahua Muffin Cuteness

If you just bought a muffin that accidentally looked like your four-legged bestie, could you eat it?? Otis Spunkmeyer Chihuahua muffins coming soon to ... See the Rest

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Jessica Simpson Is Looking Fantastic

Jessica SImpson gave birth to her baby boy Ace in June and look at her now! As soon as Jess gave birth she started back on Weight Watchers as she is a ... See the Rest


World’s Biggest Mozzarella Stick

... See the Rest