Dick Cheney – Fierce Advocate?

Wow, talk about twisted irony! It is being reported that Dick Cheney aka Darth Vador was a part of the lobbying effort to pass marriage equality in ... See the Rest

President Obama

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Responds to SOTU

"The fact is, the state of the union for LGBT people remains largely one of inequality. In many parts of the country, we can still be fired from or ... See the Rest

DADT Cloture Vote FAILS in Senate

The cloture vote in the senate on Don't Ask Don't Tell has failed 56-43. As former presidential advisor Richard Socarides said last night on ... See the Rest

Who Is The Real Fierce Advocate?

Kerry Eleveld, The Advocate’s dogged LGBT reporter, has an in-depth and up-to-date report on the state of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal in which she ... See the Rest

Take This Job And Shove It!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyThe Obama administration is now said to be reconsidering its decision to ... See the Rest

Sound Familiar?

"I will be their fierce advocate to make sure they are getting the compensation they need to get through what is going to be a difficult season." – ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video From The Mouths of Babes - World of Wonder

From The Mouths of Babes

10-year-old Will Phillips, who garnered national attention when he refused to say the pledge of allegiance until all citizens are treated equally, is ... See the Rest

Obama Drops LGBT Provisions

While many Progressives were unhappy to find that the Public Option was no longer a part of the President’s new health care plan, gay activists were ... See the Rest