Hidden Fetish: Jo Ann Callis’s Mid-70s Work Surfaces

Jo Ann Callis was one of the first female photographers to work extensively with constructed sets, arranging models and objects in ambiguous, ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Next Level Drag: Meet Sweden's Goth-Glam Queens Duo Raw - World of Wonder

Next Level Drag: Swedish Goth-Glam Queens Duo Raw

The song is "Pony" and the video is kind of dark and disturbing in a fabulous sort of way. You'll see bits of Sharon Needles, Squeaky Blonde, Phillipe ... See the Rest


Hot Look of the Day: A Teletubbie with Hoof-In-Mouth Disease

... See the Rest

max greenfield shirtless new girl

Max Greenfield in a Trash Bag Diaper on Last Night’s New Girl Premiere

(via SuperheroFan) ... See the Rest


My Scar-Crossed Lover

A guy named Russ gave a boy named Julian got some kick-ass scarification to look like Raiden from Metal Gear Solid. (That's Raiden in the last pic.) ... See the Rest

Screen shot 2012-09-19 at 3.18.14 PM

Nap Time

(via Flickr) ... See the Rest


Tickle Porn

Four hot guys hold down the desperately ticklish Shane and go to town on his tummy and feet. Totally SFW, although his pitiful cries for help might be ... See the Rest

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Hot Look of the Day: Banjee Cinch-Queen

Superhot couture corset designer Gabriel Moginot of Maison Moginot photographed by Armin Morbach for the latest issue of Horst magazine. (via ... See the Rest