#KillMeNow: This Graphic Illustrates the WEIRD Sh*t That Happens Inside of Your Body After You Drink A Coke…

This new ... See the Rest

Big Fat Box: How About Kripsy Kreme’s Double Hundred Dozen

What's a "double hundred dozen"? Do the math; it's 2,400 glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts! The gigantic box measures 11 feet by 3 feet. It took 8 Krispy workers to ... See the Rest

The Louis CK Monologue Heard Around the World

Actress Sarah Baker let's her heart come through the scripted words on Louis CK and it hit home with people around the world....LOVING the rawness of this scene. Bravo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFdWcNJ17YY#t=119 ... See the Rest

Joan Rivers Comes for Adele

#NoSheBettaDon't! Joan don't give a shit who she pisses off, that's why we love her all these years later. Joan went to Letterman to talk about the Oscars. Check it. ... See the Rest

Icky Minaj

I think she was Nicki's stand-in... ... See the Rest

At Least Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap

This graphic shows how much bigger serving portions have become in restaurants since the 1950s. The See the Rest


All of this was not for nothing. Jessica Simpson enjoyed the shit out of being pregnant so she could follow it up with a money-maker. She has signed on for $3 million to be the new ... See the Rest

The Real Hunger Games

There is a new diet in town known as the KEN diet and it truly takes dieting to the extreme. Mostly used for brides and special events, a feeding tube is ... See the Rest